Sad Story

(major_seventh) #1

So I don’t know if it’s gonna turn up next meeting, but I made the mistake of not double checking my throws before I left the last DXL yoyo meet. I had made a ton of trades, so it was easy for me to forget something I guess. The yoyo I forgot was my Chief. :’(

I literally shed a tear.

I’ve texted all my friends, tried all I can. None of them have it. Anyways, I’m hoping for the best…

Don’t forget your yo-yos kids.


Sorry to hear man, hope it turns up.


When stuff like this happens, I try to tell myself that something worse could have happened
“I dinged my shutter T_T”
“At least it still spins :D”
Or in your case…
“I lost a chief D:”
“I still have a case of yoyos :D”


Hopefully it’s found its way into some honest person’s case by mistake instead of being left floating around the park or something. But like Raigo said, if you’ve got enough yoyos to have completely forgotten about a Chief, things could definitely be much worse.

Hope it turns up soon, buddy.


(major_seventh) #5

There could be hope, my friend said he never checked his top zipper and that’s where the guy who last used it said he put it.


I hope you find a Chief instead of pocket lint!


Good luck bro. I would cry like an infant if I lost my Chief.

(major_seventh) #8

It’s not there. Looks like it’s gone :frowning:

Ah well. Live, learn, and move on.


I’m also hoping that it will end up somewhere where you can find it.


Yoyos get stolen from time to time and unfortunately there’s not much that you can do about it. Just make sure you keep track of your throws and keep your case within eyesight.

(major_seventh) #11

I just don’t get how someone can live with themselves after stealing a yoyo…. lol I mean come on. How could you enjoy it, or even enjoy the money you got from stealing and selling it, when you know it wasn’t yours.


Some people are just messed up like that.
Makes life harder for normal people

(major_seventh) #13

Chief found! Apparently, my friend’s friend, the last guy to have it, said a couple days later he met a guy named John who was from San Francisco, and bought it from him for $15. Fishy story, but all is good.


He took and felt bad.

(major_seventh) #15

That’s what I think.


Doesn’t matter. He compromised with himself-- “I did a shameful thing. I feel shame. I need to make it right. But I’m TOO ashamed to just admit I’m a thief, so this is how I can do it without falling apart from the humiliation…”

In the grand scheme of things, he made it right and is probably going to be a better person going forward. Forgive him and enjoy your Chief. :slight_smile:


But dosent this make him a liar now?
I would feel pretty guilty about lying about stealing someone else’s stuff…


Seems like he’s stupid too on top of all that :wink: Well, glad ya getting that Chief back!


We all lie every single day. Lying is one of the best things you can do sometimes, as any father and husband can tell you. :smiley:

This isn’t necessarily as easily-forgiven as, “Yeah, buddy! These banana muffins are delicious! Maybe you’ll grow up to be a chef!” but it’s not really off the charts hideous. Also: there’s a slim chance it’s not a lie anyhow. You never know. :wink: Assuming it is:

Maybe on the scale, being totally honest and admitting the misdeed would have been “better” and even made HIM feel better. But on a given day, we don’t always have that level of change in us. It’s a particular kind of bravery and we’re not always going to be our hero selves. Better to advance with a step forward and a hesitant shuffle back than no step forward at all.

I suspect strongly that if it IS a “cover-up story”, that at least he’s probably not going to steal stuff again. It’s evident that he didn’t get anything positive out of the experience.


I love that correlation to banana muffins xD
I’m glad that he had the brains to give back the chief, even with a lame excuse :stuck_out_tongue: