If your house were broken into...

and your entire yoyo collection was stolen, what would be the first yoyo you’d buy?

Or in other words, if you had to start all over from scratch, but knowing what you know now, what is the yoyo you would get first?

I would probably get a bonfire if it had to be a new yoyo. But if I had to replace a yoyo that I already had I would get a Summit.

But I hope I never have to start from scratch again because I have like 600 + dollar’s in yoyo’s I’m to lazy to do the exact math.

Duncan barebones Mg, then a YYF 09’ severe then I would probably spend the rest of my life trying to find a bio malleus. lol

I would probably get a really good plastic like a Protostar, Trigger, or Rally. I wouldn’t get too many throws after that and keep a smaller collection with only a few high end yoyos.

A new security system.

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Call Marcus Koh RIGHT AWAY and send me his ARES and MAGNUM

I’d buy another capital serum, support a forum member and buy an amazing throw. His design is close to flawless.


A MarkMont Next

Find another canvas

Probably my Cafe Racer.

TP Paranoid or probably more likely my B-Grade torrent 2.

Do you mean what yoyo would you re-buy? I’m not sure I would. I think the replacement yoyos would feel like imposters.

TMBR Sullivan

Why would they want my yoyos anyway?

Probably my Shutter, but I’ll definitely get myself a blasted one

I’d go for a bonfire or a summit.



Jokes on you robbers don’t steal yoyos. Stupid Head.