One YoYo you won't sell, trade or let anyone touch

I know we all have that one yoyo we will never sell, trade or let anyone touch. What’s yours?

My yyj journey. It was my first yoyo, and the one that really got me into it.

Idk about the touch part… but my cascade ill most likely never leave my case

All of them.

I’m pretty careful with all my yoyos, I don’t like letting other people use them, but the one I guard most carefully is definitely my n5.

Well I will let anyone try anything but I will never get rid of my 09 severe, it was given to me by one of my best friends.

Anyone can touch any of my throws. Not likely to ever get rid of my Kyo DNS, though. Starting to develop a sentimental attachment to my Capless, also!

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I really don’t have any. I don’t have any problem with other people holding them, it’s not like all that much can happen to them. I try to stay open minded with trades.

My speeder

It was my dv888. I had it for a year and a half as basically my only player. Its been with me through everything. But I.passed it on to a friend as a christmas gift, for him to let it guide him through the tricklist like it did me.

My first run metal-smooth Protostar.

I’m pretty much willing to sell any yoyo that I have. I’ve had some sentimental attachments to certain throws, but I usually don’t get too attached.

However, the there is one exception. I found an old wooden Duncan competition yoyo ( not sure on the exact name) made in the '60s in my grandfathers attic. I’ll never get rid of it, it’s far to special to me.

my genesis special edition
only throw it for about 10 times I’m to scared if it get scratch. : ;D

I’ll let people use them, but I probably won’t trade anything from my SPYY collection.

Now it’s my Avalanche

My General-Yo Magnum

The Trigger Stookie gave me for quitting smoking.

My Wedgie prototype. My dad won’t let me trade it,I can see why…

It’s def my dv888. Up until I read this thread I never realized it but now I do. When switching my throws between my home case and carrying case, that seems to be the only throw that never gets left home. If I am learning a trick and I get stuck, I pick up my 888 and it always seems to come so much easier.

My dv888 was both my first metal and unresponsive yoyo, and I learned a lot on that thing. For me, I’d keep either the dv888 or the Majesty.