Some people.

So today I had donated my yoyofactory G5 in a raffle for a benefit for a guy I work with. Near the end of it some lady had taken the yoyo from the table, and handed it to her kid begging to bid on it and said “it’s just a yoyo.” So basically, I had my yoyo stolen by a kid tonight. The nerve of some people.

You didn’t take it back???

I couldn’t. The lady that took it denied that she stole it so I had to watch as a 5 year old dragged it around.


Hmm. Yeah. I could totally see this being a situation like in the movies.

You try and steal the yo-yo back from the kid and then the mom yells “OH DEAR, THIS BOY IS ROBBING MY SON!!!”

And then you get taken away from stealing back your own throw.

In reality, I still would’ve stolen it back from the hands of that kid if reason and talking wouldn’t work.

Seriously, some people ><


sigh shame shame

He will grow up thinking that’s the only way to get a yoyo.

However, on a side note, a huge shout out to yoyo expert who donated a $25 gift certificate that was not stolen. In fact, it was won by me. Haha

I think the moral of this story is… If something’s stolen make sure you win some cash cause the mom ain’t given up that yoyo

I also won an alignment (which was much needed), stuff to wash my car, and a tool kit.

Very implausible story.

‘Did’ ‘you’ ‘see’ the lady take the yoyo off the table? Because if you did, then that is 1 very weak story, lol

You Seriously need some assertiveness training.

Sadly seems basic problem solving is not your strong Suite.

So,your yoyo donation raised absolutely nothing for your friends function, but you bid on a few things and came up a winner with a YYE gift card and a front end job.


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So you saw her steal it and did basically nothing? Why?

You didn’t feel like mentioning “Hey lady, I SAW you take it”?

She denied it, yet the kid had it in his hand…I agree with yoyodoc, you should have been more assertive. The world is an unfair place, because people made it that way. But you’re only contributing to the problem if you let them make it unfair.

Yeah not to sound ruded, but the finger points at you in the end. Nobody should steal, and it isn’t your fault, but just speaking up a bit more would have helped. I would have jsut taken it if I saw him take it, but that isn’t always the best thing, but I tend to think that if somebody does something wrong, and I fix it because they won’t (Without any harm involved) I won’t get in trouble. Which usually has a good outcome.

Um, you should try to contact this lady and get your G5 back, and give her the information on it’s value… What she did is not cool.

I agree with all of you, but unfortunately I know the lady, and she was helping run the benefit, and I wasn’t going to say anything because she is the type who with still deny it and it would just start an argument. Who knows, maybe the kid will learn to yoyo. Doubtful, but who knows.

How The conversation should have gone…
Jagmcool- “M’am, you stole that yoyo, it’s for the benefit.”
Mom- “It’s just a yoyo, and I didn’t steal anything.”
JMC- “I saw you take it. That yoyo costs a lot of money, money I want to go to the benefit.”
Mom- “But it’s only a yoyo…”
JMC- “It’s a $100 dollar yoyo, please return it before I tell the security to kick you out. Also, next time you got to a benefit, make sure you keep your hands off the items that are to be raffled off, it’s common courtesy. Thank you”

See, calm, cool, collected, people can respect a guy like that.

How it probably went…
JMC- “M’am you stole that yoyo, it’s for the benefit.”
Mom- “It’s just a yoyo, and I didn’t steal anything”
JMC- “I saw you take it”
Mom- “No you didn’t.”
JMC- “Oh, okay then, I’m sorry.”
Fat Kid- Raspberries

I don’t know if the kid is fat, but I always assumed grubby, crying kids were fat. Just a weird association.

Protect your stuff. It’s yours.

bahahahhaahhahaa he would go on and become the next John Ando lmfao XD

Jagbrahhh sorry bout your bad luck buddy. It happens to the best of us.

On another note, people get to serious.

Jeeze. Hahaha

No matter that you know her. And Nothing lamer than somebody that is helping run the benefit and ‘boosting items’ that are supposed to raise money.

The following explaination does not identify any special ‘importance’ to this lady just because you know her or she was helping. Sounds like she felt she was entitled because of her ‘helping status’.
That does not make her special. <Self ordained entitlement makes her worse than a thief.

Ok, this isn’t a necktie party. But obviously Jagmcool kinda screwed up(we all do, it was just his turn). Since he doesn’t have much to say, it is hard to actually know what the heck went on?

So, the following approach would have been most effective in correcting the situation. We do not know whether Jag personally ‘saw’ the lady pick the yoyo of the table or somebody told him the lady ‘lifted it’.

Whether he saw her or somebody brought the information of the yoyo moving off the table by the ladys’ hand and passed to the kid, remedy would be the same.

‘Hey Jag, that yoyo you had on the table, some lady(that one over there) picked it up and handed it to that little kid’. (Jag immediately gets involved). He walks over to the lady and says,’ Hi, I see your son likes yoyos. They are so much fun. That yoyo you just picked is what I brought tonight. If your son really likes it, maybe you will bid on it tonight and win it for him.

Then Jag immediately turns to the kid and says,’ Wow, I remember when I was your age, I never had a yoyo that good. That is one of my favorite yoyos. That is why I brought it tonight. I learned a lot my tricks on that yoyo. Do you want to see some Yoyo tricks? Here, let me show you my favorite tricks. (You ask the kid for the yoyo). ‘If’ the kid gives you the yoyo back, you immediately throw some very nice tricks, explaining each trick as you go along. Jag then finishes his last trick and keeps hold of the yoyo. He turns to the Mom and says I sure hope you decided to bid on this yoyo tonight. I think your son would be thrilled. Then Jag goes back and puts the yoyo back on the table.

Nobody gets challenged about Stealing the/a yoyo. Nobody gets mad. No nasty words from Jag. No finger pointing. No reason to put the lady on the Defensive. Jag plays nice and straight forward.

(wish I would have been there)

PS… I have been to many fund raisers in the last several Decades. Almost Always, at the events where people bring items to auction off for special causes, there is a list/clipboard/whatever, that every item is logged onto. The person donating the item, writes a few sentence description about the item and the item gets asigned a Number. The items are usually auctioned off by number and the amounts the items sell for are written on the inventory sheet next to the appropriate item.

If(a big if, maybe) the event Jag attended was at all organized, there should have been a sheet identifying the yoyo as one of the items coming up for bid.

Note: I am not any kind of mind reader, but my conclusion would be that Jag just wanted to whine about something and didn’t really think any of us would give his story more than a simple passing thought.

So much for thinking, I guess.

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Hey Jag I’m sorry for your loss.

Don’t let people who doubt you or blame you for your loss of a G5 phase you.
It’s hard to stand up to an adult, especially when that person is actually involved in the fundraiser, and especially when she’s giving it to a child.

Keep your chin up!