Some people.

First of all, he didn’t lose a G5. He was donating it to the event, so it was ‘gone’ anyways. At the point Jag put the yoyo on the table, it was his former yoyo. She didn’t steal it from him, she boosted it from the Fundraiser.
It is not hard to stand up to an adult. Especially when they are wrong. Especially when they are taking advantage of a situation because they are involved in the Event and think they are entitled to Freebies. And… Especially when they are compounding the matter by getting their little kid into it.

Petty crime/type incidents forfit her ‘adult standing’. My post above yours, specifically identified a non confrontational remedy to that situation.

Posting up a sympathy card for Jag is not logical or helpful.

Nobody is ‘blaming’ Jag. He is not to blame because the lady took advantage of a situation. He didn’t ‘do it’, she ‘did’ it. He had the chance to derail her lameness

Azn, people like her, love people like you…

Like I already said,’ I wish I would have been there’.

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I get into situations like this all the time. I always carry a nice Zippo around, and both strangers and acquaintances have tried to steal them from me on multiple occasions.

The way I always respond is, “Hey man, let me get my lighter back.”
Not, “Did you take my lighter?”
This gives them the opportunity to play it off as an accident, and always results in me getting my lighter back.

MAN! I’m fired up just readin’ about it.

I woulda been like

“Hey lady. Why does yer kid have that yoyo?”

“No I didn’t”

“Well that’s weird. I don’t know, mebbe someone slipped somethin’ in mah drink and I’m jus seein’ things. Because I definitely seent you do it. Either yer runnin’ some kinda weird fundraiser where drink slippin’ is goin on an’ people are walkin round seein’ things. Or yer kid just got a wicked five finger discount on a sweet yoyo.”

BOOM! Automatically she is accused of two things. It just hit the fan and she HAS to choose one of them. This can end in two ways:

A. You black mail her. Threatening to tell everyone about the drink slipping. And make out with some cold, hard cash. This is the best way things could end. I mean, who goes to a fundraiser and leaves with more money than they showed up with. Sweet.

B. She admits to the theft and returns the yoyo to the fundraiser. Not the most interesting, but good for karma.

Okay 2 problems here

  1. You didn’t speak out loud enough
  2. That lady is pretty stupid to not bid on the Yoyo but just decides to take it instead when she is running the benefit.

Whats up with you, man. Theres no need to attack my post saying it’s not “logical or helpful”.
Also, who are you to say that it’s not hard to stand up to an adult? What if it is hard? even if they’re wrong.

and you say nobody is blaming Jag but there ARE people who are blaming him.

You’re being really hostile. “people like her love people like you”. I dont even know what that means.
Sit down and try to be supportive

I think you need to reread what Doc wrote. Because he’s 100% correct.

There is no point in arguing. My parents were the one running the benefit, she was just there to help out. However, it was not worth arguing with her about. The benefit was for a friend of mine whose wife has terminal cancer, so I definitely wasn’t going to do anything to cause commotion. It wasn’t mine at that point anyways. I wasn’t going to walk out of there with it regardless.

Well since she essentially stole money from a cancer benefit, I’d consider it worth arguing about.

Stealing from cancer charities doesn’t really sit right with the people of YYE…

It doesn’t set right with me either, but I wasn’t going to cause some sort of commotion and risk it troubling anyone. There were just more important things than a yoyo at that point.

I don’t think the issue here is that she took the yoyo. The issue is that she took it from a fundraiser. It was a donated item whose proceeds could have went to helping someone. This is definitely a reason to risk troubling someone. You saw her do it and let her get away with it. I think that’s what has everyone fired up.

Personally I don’t really care. I mean, I would’ve said something to her. But the fact that you didn’t doesn’t bother me.