okay, so…i traded my b-grade essence and my dang for his heavy hitter, BBYY JO, RecRev No.9, i started yoyo-ing with the hh and i heard it was about to fall apart so i tried twisting it back together and it just kept on twisting for a few minutes, i was angry, i then tried the No.9 and the same thing happened, and it was also, stripped, i contacted him about it and he was lieing to me and saying he had no idea and they were ‘‘perfect’’ when they left, and the JO had little to no silicone, i contacted Landon Balk and asked how much it would be to get those 2 and 2 of my other stripped yoyos to get re-tapped, he said it would be $50 bucks for all 4, i then talket to Yoyomasterall (Brad) and said hes not paying for them and i can forget it and that he will just get the feedback removed, if any mods or anybody wants proof, please ask

Rules on explicit language always apply even when you’re upset. skitrz

this is pretty funny. ive already messaged vegabomb. the yoyos were not stripped when they were sent to you. stop blaming me for you messing them up.

Might be time to handle this back channel, gentlemen.


? yuki i dont understand what your saying

Sort it out between yourselves via PM/email instead of starting what will likely turn out to be a flame thread.


i tryed he stopped messaging me on skype and posted this. (i do believe your right though yuki ;D)

It seems you two are always involved in trading issues.

SR: last time we didnt actually trade. we got into a arguement cause he was being immautre. i forgave and figured we could be friends. and this time we actually did a trade. and look at it now ;D

For what I can add…

I recently traded Yoyomasterall a recrev no9. A black and green splash no9.

This is the same color that yoyo2442 no9 received.

When I had the no9 listed on my bst, I made sure to highlight that it was infact stripped. It was bolded and everything. The note clearly said that the yoyo would NOT work unless it was retapped, and that it was modder fodder. When trading, I made sure to inform yoyomasterall that the no9 was stripped.

Now, yoyo2442 has what appears to be “my” stripped, black/green no9, which he got from the person I sold mine to.

Now I’m not accusing him or anything, but that’s really fishy.

Jake Elliot: i had bumped up the axel size. it wasnt the inside. it was just a side of the axel :slight_smile: i understand that being fishy though lol

Nope, it was the yoyo side. I distinctly remember ripping out the threads on the yoyo half. One side of the axle has flat threads which stripped out the yoyo half.

really? i popped a black yyj axel in there nd it played fine. my dad even took a look at it and said it was fine. anyway ok there is supposubly something up with the heavy hitter to. i know FOR A FACT there was nothing up with that… i got that from aronbonzya i think thats spelt rong but try and find him and ask him sam…

What sized YYJ axle? The recrev axle was pretty darn short. I’m not aware of any YYJ that uses that short of an axle.

i do believe it was yyj. i had it with my spare axels and it played like a beauty when i had it in.

@yoyomasterall, dude, give it up, we all know it was stripped and you didnt fix it, enough with the lieing


nope. sorry im telling the truth and u just screw things up and dont know what to do… honestly i could care less u gave me negative feedback. would i like it removed?sure. but i know its not gonna be because u screwed it up an ur blaming me. ill just keep going on with my traes thank you very much ;D

This is extremely immature. Please keep the bashing to a minimum and if you must do it, this thread is not the place to argue about who did what.

Let’s all play nice.

I would agree with this dude. ^^

just face it kid, you lied about scamming YYF and you lied about all of this, and i dont want to be a part of this crud (would’ve used profanity there) so dont get me involved in anything more



Sigh. What’s wrong with this world.