Promaster traded me a Katz meow for my axiom. Not Telling me that there is EXTREME vibe on his unlike others, I contacted him and said that I was a little angry about the quality, and how he did not tell me. Then I kindly asked how this happened, so I could try to fix it

Then I got this in reply: remember, I never dropped it

Was it package responsibly?

He sent it in a package with a sheet of paper towel in it, assembled, so no. Barely any cushioning, could very easily have been damaged.

Sorry to hear about this situation. This is not an accusation, but rather an attempt to figure things out - I see that you left Promaster positive trade feedback. Why? Was that for another trade or for this one?

That was before I knew that the Katz meow was supposed to be smooth, and I was really scared that he’d give me negative if I gave him neutral or negative feedback. Also, I though that the vibe was just supposed to be that way

Also I was my first trade

Wow, he admits that the yo-yo does not have the stock axle, and that he did not pack the box for shipping…he left it for someone else to do. Already two admissions that raise a red flag in relation to the vibe issue. You should ask for permission to change your feedback.

I had the same problem with a evil yo that i bought, the shipper claimed that it had two dings and smooth as butter, it had a bunch of vibe and it had several dings it was a pain in the rear to get some of my money back.

What should I do??

Ask a moderator to change the feedback to negative. Not really much you can do if he refuses to fix the issue :-\

Did this involve promaster as well?

Having a friend package it does seem certainly odd.

@Apollo2 - did promaster tell you in advance of the trade that it had a new axle, or did you learn that from the message he sent you on the 27th? I sent him a message just now asking him to resolve this. We should take his comments into consideration as well.

Okay first of all he’s a freakin liar he said the axiom was mint and I got it with dings ALL over it an second of all it had like 2 small sets of pinpricks when I shipped it and I packaged it with newspaper coating the entire freaking package this man is a liar and he has u all looking like I am the bad guy he’s the real enemy he dropped it somewhere along the line because he claims to have it to be a bent axle and he’s a noob because usually that causes a vibe and he acts all dumb sayin" how can I fix it" like dude you obviously don’t know what ur talking about because u shipped badly to not just me I don’t even want that piece of scrap metal I already traded it for a go big and THAT was better than a Katz meow

This incident is rather bizarre. There is a buyer (Apollo2), who gave the seller (Promaster) positive feedback for a transaction, but later claims there is an excessive vibe problem, and he wants to change the feedback. Apollo2 claims that his feedback was left, before he knew how the yo-yo was supposed to play, AND he stated that he gave positive feedback to avoid receiving retaliatory negative feedback. But, in his feedback he stated:

“Just, totally, awesome! Great trader! Would trade again!”

Someone who feared retaliatory feedback might write something a lot less than awesome like, “got the yo-yo thanks,” or “he shipped it…cool.” But, to write “totally awesome…great trader…would trade again?” :-\

Vibe is subjective, and I own several of the same model yo-yo and they are not all equally smooth. That is something to consider.

I have a problem with the dates I see. Apollo2 left the feedback for Promaster on March 12th, but he shows an email on March 28th with a statement Promaster wrote. My question is whether Apollo2 left feedback for Promaster, played with the yo-yo for a few weeks, and raised this issue just recently on March 28th. If so, it might appear that Apollo2 was satisfied with the yo-yo at one time, left feedback, and then something happened to the yo-yo in the next few weeks.

Then, when Promaster responds to this in the quote above, he says he packed the box with newspaper, although his email to Apollo2 says that someone else packed the box. :-\ He did not address whether he advertised that the stock axle was switched out prior to the deal. Then he stated, “u shipped badly to.” Does that mean that he is admitting to reckless packing? Also, he now says there is a problem with the yo-yo Apollo2 sent him. But, did he raise that issue before Apollo2 made this thread?

This might just be a case of lessons learned:

  1. Pack the boxes yourselves, and pack better, in a box to avoid these issues in the future.
  2. Do not give feedback prematurely, inspect and play the yo-yo prior to issuing feedback.
  3. If the yo-yo does not have all the stock parts, advertise as such to the extent you are aware.

The list goes on.

Ok I never said the axiom is mint, and I never dropped ur Katz meow.

he never said anything about a new axle

My packaging was ideal, I wrapped each half of the yoyo in tissue paper, then put the axle and bearing in a plastic bag, followed by putting it in a cushioned envelope.

Anyone notice he just mentions his packaging but not a word about waiting so long to report this and the great feedback?

U had no probs besides the vibe, and I was talking to Robbie Graham in chat and he told me that his was smooth, which made me realize that there was a problem. It was my first trade and I was hyped up and left positive feedback, which was premature

Still, leave neutral. If he leaves bad feedback wrongly, you can report it and you know that. And why would you leave feedback before getting and/or inspecting the yoyo(s)?

because I thought it was just a vibey yoyo, all I want from this dude is an apology and a new axle