Feedback for pinktweetybird

I bought an 888x from them off /r/throwers. They shipped the next day, were very communicative, and the yo-yo came decently packed; it came in a bubble mailer but the yo-yo was well protected. He included some extra string and an old YoYoNation sticker! Would do business with again.

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I would like to give as much credit as one can give to @Pinktweetybird. I sent him an AC2 a while back which never got to him. USPS “could not deliver the item” and it was sent to a dead mail recovery center. Zach filed multiple missing mail claims and drove to various post offices to track down the item. He would not accept a refund, nor a partial refund the whole time. A few days ago, Zach received the package, which was ripped open and the contents were missing. He contacted USPS yet again who told him to file another claim. Today we received news that if the item did not arrive with the packaging, then the item is almost definitely destroyed. He finally agreed to a full refund and received it today. I know he’s just a as bummed as I am to have not gotten the AC2, but we settled up and I cannot thank him enough. He was patient, understanding, and was very communicative the whole time. You have my full respect man.


2 A+ people to deal with in a situation that calls for an F in respeck

F :frowning:

It’s unbelievable to me usps is allowed to destroy property


zach is a fantastic person to deal with! they are kind and care about other people in the community. they’ll remember the grails and yo-yos you’ve mentioned you’re interested in and if they come across one, will try to link you up with the other party. not to mention they’re extremely generous!

we recently made a trade and they felt bad that they felt they got a better deal than me (when i was the one who made the offer in the first place, ha!), that they actually went out of their way and sent another yo-yo to me free of charge! i can not recommend dealing with them enough, they are an upstanding example of what it means to be a community-focused B/S/T’er. S-tier.


I had 2 transactions recently with Zach. One for an sk and one for an sf. Communication was excellent and so was the condition of the throws.

Thanks for the positive b/s/t experience!

Great guy and great trader don’t hesitate to deal with :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Great seller, Super fast shipping! Also a pleasure to chat with…
pumped to grab a rose BMC!
Thanks Zach

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Hey thanks I never saw this friend. :slight_smile: just here to yoyo ya know :slight_smile:

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He’s great, answered all questions, excellent communication, nice packaging, plus got a bunch of nice string and an unexpected, but very welcome surprise throw!

Can’t recommend him enough.

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I just finished a sale with @Pinktweetybird and it was a great transaction. We had a issue with PayPal at no fault of his own. With great communication, and a little bit of trust it all worked out and I can’t say enough good things about him. Quick, responsive, and accommodating. I really enjoyed doing this sale. Much appreciated and a AAA+ experience. More proof of how great this community is!

Trade went off without a hitch! Also a great dude to talk with, truly embodies the spirit of yoyo. Good man! :smile: