Yoyomasta habitually backs out of trades after making offers

I got an offer today from yoyomasta saying he’d give me his raw soda blasted beat skywalker for my painted Sakura.

“Hello! I like your Sakura I have a SKYWALKER I have pics on my BST so check them out! Thanks!”

I accepted the offer. I sent him my address. He replies:

“I can’t just do it immediately haha but lemme se if maybe I like something else.”

What??? He made an offer, I accepted. Should be a done deal. I sent him a message stating so and that we should finish the trade. He replies:

“I never said that it was a done deal AND I haven’t given you my adress no thanks ill keep it but the Sakura is nice!”

It really doesn’t matter if you said it was a done deal. You made an offer. You should stick to your word. I told him such. He replies:

“If you can’t handle that happening the why are you on the forums, one message and I have your adress is a little bit fast pased, so no thanks and gooday”

WHAT?? It’s called getting to the point, knowing what you want, and not beating around the bush!

If it wasn’t an offer, why not negotiate instead of backing out completely?

He did the exact same thing to me two other times with different yoyos. Don’t make offers if you have no intention of going through with the trade!

I’m tired of him wasting my time and everyone else’s time. I would appreciate if a moderator would please speak to him about this and just ask him to refrain from making offers if he really has no intention of going through with them. I asked him the first time he backed out of a trade to never offer on my stuff again. Then he did it a second time and backed out. I told him again not to offer on my stuff again. Now a third time he’s offered on my stuff and backed out. It’s really getting tiresome.

That sounds pretty annoying lol

Its funny how yoyomasta s policy is if you back out you recieve negative feedback. He just broke his own rule

One time we had actually exchanged addresses, and he still backed out because he didn’t want to ship first even though I had way more feedback.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times… :wink:

Maybe just stop dealing with immature kids.

I’ve had some annoying “deals” that have fallen through with him.

That is very annoying but at least you weren’t scammed. Just blacklist him and ignore all offers.



Where was the offer made?

He simply directed you to his Skywalker pics. That is only to see if you are interested in the Skywalker. I see no hint of a “Deal”, just kicking tires. If you had expressed interest in the Skywalker; that is where the dealing would begin. Sakura for a Skywalker - not a trade I would make without some extra cash from you.

Just because you perceived an offer and prematurely sent your address is not a problem with the other party; it is appears to be yours.

For the record, if you receive a negative feedback for this please contact a mod or admin to have it removed. If no yo-yo/$/item is actually exchanged then no feedback can be left.

Yeah he is bad to deal with. He has a yoyo up, I offer, he doesnt like it so he posts this in my profile comment section,“Just needs to take a step back and not lowball”.

I would like to intact say that I offered saying I might be willing to do so, meaning not sure but to keep you on tabs about it and if you can’t handle someone saying sorry can’t do it them get off the forums because in my opinion that’s what life’s about someone backs out BIG DEAL, AND the fact is I didn’t backlit and have only backed out truly one time

YoyoGeezer, I really don’t think you’re truly grasping the situation. Let me try to explain.

If you take a look at my wants list in the b/s/t it lists the Skywalker. So clearly I AM interested in Skywalkers. Saying “I like your yoyo A, I have yoyo B on your wants list, check out my pictures” sounds like 99% of offers I’ve received.

Either I say “yes, let’s trade” or “no, not interested”.

“Yes, let’s trade” leads to exchanging addresses or additional negotiating.

“No, not interested” leads to a dead end.

If I like a trade, I’ll throw my address out there. Of course I don’t hold them to a trade just because I throw my address out there. If they throw their address back at me great! If not we’ll negotiate.

My problem is if it was just “kicking tires”, why didn’t he try negotiating? He could have counter-offered, letting me know he wanted something else in addition to the Sakura.

Instead he says, “I’m gonna keep it”. That’s not backing out of a trade / ending negotiations for no good reason?

We never even got to negotiating. Usually you say “I’m gonna keep it” AFTER both parties realize they aren’t going to come to an agreement. The negotiations never got off the ground.

Remember HE initiated the trade, not me.

Maybe you’re not realizing I have past history with this trader backing out of multiple trades, even when addresses have been exchanged. I know how this person communicates.[/b]

This is still not acceptable. Why even contact the owner of something you MIGHT be willing to offer on? They don’t care about keeping tabs on you and your gigantic MAYBE. If you don’t want to make a deal, don’t offer. And definitely don’t offer some half-way, sort of, I’m thinking about it, maybe I could do a deal. Perhaps YOU need to stop blaming others for YOUR actions and make your intentions clear to people who really, actually do want to sell or trade their throws.

It sounds as rude as calling someone and saying “hey who is this i need to talk to _____” to the person you called…

I am sorry but, things do come up for people; backing out should not be penalized with negative feedback. How could you compare backing out to straight up scamming someone of their $100+ yoyo

Well, a negative feedback can mean a lot of things. It can mean there was undue delay shipping, extremely poor communication, the item was nowhere near the description, no item was received, or the person backed out (a breach of contract). The point is that while issues arise or things can come up, it is the duty of the person with the special circumstances to satisfy the other party in a manner they are satisfied with. They should not be able to just walk away, and contract with someone else instead, with no penalty. Also, while feedback can be negative, the person giving the feedback should specify what was negative about the experience. The reason for giving a negative is because when you have a contract, the deal has commenced. After a deal has begun, feedback should be issued…negative included. From the time the deal begins, to the time it ends, you should be allowed to give feedback. If you say you are seling an item on Ebay for example, and the buyer agrees to buy…if either party backs out, there is a penalty and feedback can be issued. The same should be allowed here. This is no different. On the forum, people are allowed to make a contract and then breach with no penalty for doing so.

The OP started this thread on the THIRD occasion of backing out, and the backing out occurred after the other person INITIATED the trade. That would be pretty annoying to me. Of course deals don’t always go through. As long as both parties communicate and make their situation clear, backing out can be handled amicably. Was there an actual comparison to scamming someone? Because I didn’t see it.

Letting you know he messages me saying he wants to trade, but none of his good throws. Oh, why not!(Sarcasm) He then offered a bootleg yyr, which is against the rules and law. Guessing he offers it through pms, and doesnt put it on the actual bst to keep from trouble.

Just want to bring this to the current page.