A little post about Buying and selling.

Hey guys, I know there are already some basic rules stickied, but I feel that this needs to be said.

I have dealt with many different people in these Buy, Sell, Trade deals. and some have come out good, and some have been very very bad.

So I want to list some guidelines that will make sure that you and the other party have a good Buy/Sell/trade.

Offering to buy, or trade on yoyos.
Ok, we all see yoyos in a thread that we really want, and if you got the cash or got something the other party wants to trade, you are in luck.
But please, don’t go and say that you will buy the yoyo, or trade one of your yoyos the other person may want, and then back out after saying you didnt really want it, or don’t have enough cash, especially when the details have already been worked out about payment or addresses.

I hate it when I am selling a yoyo, and I get a PM from somebody saying they will buy it and ask for my address to send cash and everything.
And then they leave me waiting for a while and when I ask what’s up, they say: Oh I decided I cant get it.

Or when I am in the middle of a trade, and we get addresses, and then the other person says at the last minute: Oh I found a better trade deal, sorry.
I had this happen to me once when the yoyo was already packaged up and ready to go.
I was pretty mad.

When you get to the point of exchanging addresses, that should be the complete point, no backing out.
Like on ebay, before you place your bid, they have a screen that you have to agree on you “committing” to buy.
No backing out, you are in a contract.

I also hate, when you say you will buy a yoyo from somebody, and when you are waiting for the payment, the person says: Oh btw, I am only sending you 55 not 60 like you wanted, I didn’t have enough. lol.

That is so wrong words cant even describe it.
The listed price shipped, IS WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO PAY.
I don’t care if you don’t have enough, if you don’t have enough, don’t buy it.
If you find out you didn’t have enough after you already committed to buy, its your own problem, get the money.

Another thing, I extremely dislike it when I am selling something, and the person wanting to buy says they will and ask for your paypal, you give it to them, then they say: Thanks, give me a week to get the money, and Ill be in touch, thanks!
No matter how politely you put it, its just rude. Often times the seller needs the money soon, and when you commit to buy with all payment and shipping info, YOU are expected to have the money right then and there. You don’t win something on ebay, then tell the person you will pay them in a week or two.
Please, don’t do this, it just gets on the sellers nerves and makes them want to throw sushi at you or other edible objects.

Sending payment.
With paypal these days, sending money to someone is quite easy, but for some that don’t have paypal, sending cash, check, or money order through the mail is the next best thing.
but a quick note on this.
Do not just stick the payment note into a letter and mail it off.
You may be surprised, but there have been situations where people will steal a letter, look through it in the light, see cash, check, or something like it, and take the money.
How can you prevent this?
One good way is to stick the note into some sort of card, or roll it in a large pice of paper making it appear as a card.
This will ensure safe arrival of payment to the seller.

Sending yoyos.
Padded envelopes are the best thing since canned bread right?
Well…it depends.
When sending a yoyo, don’t just toss the yoyo into the envelope, scotch tape it shut, thwok a stamp on it and laugh with a evil laugh as you loft the package into the mail box.
This is wrong!
When sending a yoyo with a padded envelope, take apart the yoyo, and remove the bearing and axle if you can. Place the parts into a small bag or tape it up.
Take each half of the yoyo and wrap it in 2 layers of paper and tape it.
Wrap a string around the yoyos and place each item carefully into the envelope, add some bubble wrap or more paper for some extra cushioning.
Seal the envelope with something like Packing tape, not just some scotch tape.
Bring the envelope to the post office and have it sent first class if you must.
For those that use stamps, it will end up being cheaper to send first class mail if cheap shipping is what you are going for, but usually, try to get some tracking, or delvery confirmation and insurance.
They are not too expensive and ensure safe arrival.

Its obvious, DONT SCAM.
yeah, its tempting for those scammer types to try to make a fake trade and get a free yoyo, but lets look deeper into this.
Say you scam a nice 888 off some guy.
Whoo hoo, yeah, you are so awesome, you got a “free” 888.
But lets look at what really happens here.

You gained: A free 888, maybe a string, the satisfaction of a job well done.

But you lose: The respect of the community (probably for life), the ability to ever get another yoyo on the forums again, ultimately you can probably never go on any other yoyo forum again, you can’t show your face at any yoyo contest or meeting, you won’t have people to help and support you with your yoyoing, and all in all, yoyoing wont be fun anymore, and you will eventually quit yoyoing, meaning that 888 that you loved so much, that was once loved so much by an honest yoyoer, will end up sitting on a shelf, not getting thrown, gathering dust, as it fades off into the darkness of an eternity of sorrow…

Don’t do it.
I don’t care if you are in a tough time and can’t afford a new yoyo.
Its wrong.

Sorry if I came off as harsh, but I have had some bad deals recently with stuff like this and it makes me quite mad.
And I just want everyone to have successful Buy/Sell/Trade deals.

Hopefully you will all find this helpful, and use it whenever you can, also, send it to new sellers who will probably find this a very good read.



That must have taken you awhile! Thanks for making this! This definately needs to be stickied! Everyone should see this!


Not Harsh at all, totally good guidelines.

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Great post Jayyo, I hate it when somebody get my address and says he doesn’t have anough money or something.

Serously, amazing post.

This should be stickied.

awesome at first i didnt know how to buy from the forums but now i know you send the money and they send the yoyo i wanted to know because sometimes there awesome deals in the b/s/t

This should definitely be linked in the BST rules or have a sticky of its own!

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Great post Josh! ;D

Sticky sauce



I’ve read this 3 times, so I won’t forget it, once again: Great post

I’d like to add something.

For safety reasons;
If the other user doesn’t have feedback, it’s common courtesy for them to send the yoyo (or money) first. If they aren’t well known on the forum, it is likely you would wait to send the money until you receive the yoyo, and all is well.


Thank you for making this, you are voicing the worries I had about buying and selling yoyos.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

this is true i would never want to be scammed. that is why i wont scam anyone. treat people the way you want to be treated.

lol this should become hillaros drama movie.
“the man who ripped someone off of their 888”

This is a great post!

Makes me hope my deal is gonna work out :-\ never bought a yoyo via cash in the mail before, i really hope that nobody stole my cash lol i wrapped it up in paper so itd look like a letter, but im still nervous lol still gotta get this whole trust the other guy thing down…

entirley, and without question.

i was in the ending of a trade when the persons yoyo broke… this happened 2 times for me

but amazing post i am glad it is addressed on the forums and you rock dude

Was this about the green/black aqua that was pending so i bought the other one and then it was available again?

Also, don’t use the yoyo if you are offering it. That way… you won’t have to tell people it broke.

I think once you have switched addresses its kind of like an honor code where the other person wont backout. Great post!

I definitely agree with the rules, I am trying to trade my counter attack now, wish me luck!

Thanks so much. I now feel 100% more safe when I trade. I never traded before because I was afraid of this. But now that you made this, I feel safer trade. If I could, I would give this post a thousand thank you’s. Thanks again.