Safety yo-yos for sale

Good morning everyone, i would like to sell this , because i dont show enough love to this throws, and i know that a lot of you want to try them , finally idea to cut in half my collection . all yoyos are in perfect condition, with boxes , Paypal G&s for your safety, also if you have really good reputation i can send yoyo in advance to you . international shipping is just 8$ with tracking usually takes 14 or 21 days maximum to arrive. Feel free to ask or propose your wishes
Onedrop rev 1 - Reserved
SF statement (wainbow) -Reserved
YYF edge 1,5 (rare) 90$
YYF bi metal shutter (butter) 75$ with cool carbon box
hypothesis 70$
BMC cadence 60$
clyw wildfire - reserved
p.s. if the listened prices is too high for you - propose your deal/price

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Hi, do you ship to China? I’m very interested in the statement :grin:


hi , i ship worldwide , so i think shipping for china wouldn’t be a problem for me

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Proceed with caution here…


Jhb, could you please either prove that he’s dishonest and ban him, or prove that he’s trustworthy and stop badgering him? If he’s honest, then there’s nothing more enraging than getting “proceed with caution” posted on every BST post you make, and if he’s dishonest, then he shouldn’t be allowed to make BST posts in the first place. I’m going to make a feedback thread for him and encourage anyone who’s dealt with him to put their experience there so we can get this sorted.


thank you , kindly true words

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where is my akita ?

Where’s his wildfire?


Out of curiosity, what is the “Cool Carbon Box” with the Butter? I may be interested.

you can clearly see it on photo , stop making stupid questions , when i ll get his akita, wildfire will be immediately send

that’s not how trades work.


That’s not how trades work. You made an agreement to trade 1 for 1 not nickel and dime this man until you get what YOU want. You’re done Ivan. You’re a scammer and it’s obvious. Gtfo of this community.


You guys were supposed to Mail at the same time. He sent his and you haven’t sent yours. Scammer


stupid , where is akita ? who is scammer ?

oh no no please , dont write anything like that or i will be very sad and will start crying

still you.

incredibly obvious it is you.

you sent other yoyos to someone and told them to sell them then send you the money. If that was agreed-upon beforehand fair enough but it wasn’t.
You mislead someone and are holding their yoyo hostage for some reason. If you want to continue to sell and trade you’re going to have to send this guy what you agreed to trade.
You live very far from where the other guy lives so his trade is most likely still in the postal system or most likely you have received it already. This isn’t the first time you’ve been called out on stuff like this so something isn’t right, is it?
if you aren’t a scammer you’d have plenty of proof and also wouldn’t have sent a bunch of lesser yoyos to someone just so that you would have a tracking number. its not adding up man.


I sold bunch of yoyos worldwide , england , usa , japan , but i dont save contacts because i just dont care about it , of course it isnt right , but now i am safe , when i ll receive akita he ll get what he deserves-. Wildfire .
No akita - all you deserve is nd and wedge


why are you acting like you got scammed? YOU sent the nd and wedge BEFORE anything even happened. that makes you the scammer