Yoyos for sale Rare and Gems!

BI METAL SHUTTER (Butter) 80$ , 10/10 (all yoyos 10/10 condition)

statement 109$ , flashback wine red 90 , edge 1,5 85$
rev 1 one drop 45 with box , mint Sf movement orange spins grade fine , mint no vibe , plays exactly like Normal movement 35 $

Update BMC cadence 65$ each

Nd ultra aqua , new in box , 45$
if someone will buy multiply number of YoYos I will add new galaxy wedge as a gift :slight_smile:

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also i would like to add Thesis Hypothesis for 70$ , all yoyos in perfect condition and with box , also i have zipline strings that i can add as a gift



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These pics and yoyos look like the same guy who scammed a few of us late last year. Beware!

To elaborate on this a bit. I tried to buy the Japan Edition Statement specifically, and when it arrived I got an Edgeless and no Statement. And now he is still listing the same Statement for sale. But before it even arrived, we caught him in a lie because he gave me and another member on this forum the same tracking number, and we both had paid for the same yoyo to buy.


As someone that very much wants that Japan Edition Statement I really appreciate you looking out and giving everyone the heads up!


I think this guy is fine. His sin on the BST previously was trying to sell b graded yoyos (specifically SF Movements) as A grades.

i am ! no scamming, no lies , only truth and perfect yoyos !

Do you have any proof? Anyone who can back you up as a reputable seller? You write in a similar manner as the scammer

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The photos you used were also listed on the bst back in the fall of 2020. I find it hard to believe you struggled to sell one of the most desirable editions of the statement and flashback for 6+months, and are now reusing the photos.

i can make photos with paper list and anything else on it ,

for everyone who asked for more photos of japan statement , also don’t forget about wine red flashback !


same USPS tracking #? Doesn’t USPS tracking # show the address to where the package is heading off? How does he pull a scam off like that?

It doesn’t show where it was heading. You have to remember he is in Ukraine and was shipping to the US.


Bump , edge 1,5 for 80$ and rev for 40


OK, two previous scammers, Livas and iamnotascammer posted from the same IP address at one time or another. Ivan has a different IP but same internet provider and appears to be located about 2 hours from a one time location of one of them and 3.5 hours from the other. Note that IP locations are not exact. My IP location varies by 100 to 200 miles on any given day. Based on this all are located in the same area or within easy travel distance.

Proceed with caution.


Nice throws, why are you selling them?