yoyos for sale wolf lake peak

i have two m1 mint both 80 each a woolymarmont mint 85 a protoga from yoyofactory for 75 mint for pics pm me

oh and a wolf lake peak for 100 it has one un noticible dent

Please be very cautious with the following member, as he has been linked and admitted to being linked with a suspected scammer.

for more information, here is the thread in question: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,17476.0.html

This thread has also been reported, moderators will take further action from here.

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Q to Rescue :slight_smile:

dude how did i scame anyone did i scame u and u said suspected i never traded with anyone why is every one doing this i just want to sale my yoyos i have every proff that i have them i even made a video on youtube how did i scam someone please answer my question

I never said that you were a scammer.

But the fact that you and Henry Perez (A suspected scammer) are connected, means that we should be cautious with you. More so than a new member with zero feedback. It’s nothing on a personal level, and I’m sure people will still buy from you. I’m just telling people what they need to know.

Also the fact that you have two M1’s and a Wolf Lake peak, and that he said he had two M1’s and a Wolf Lake Peak makes you look even worse. Again, not attacking you at all, just laying out facts.

-Good Day.


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also i did try to sell with one person and he scamd me i have no way to prove iit so i left it alone why cant u do the same i never did anything to u or anyone on the forum how can i prove i didnt scame anyone

yeah i mean as long as you ship first people wont hesitate to trade or buy from you.

k i am willing to sale first to clear myname but why did u say moders would take care of me

Well if your ip matches up with another they will know its second account and take care of it. I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe i got to get some cash 1st. what colorway is the marmot and whats the condition?

well the marmont is purple with black fog alsso its mint

Guys, this is probably a scam, but I’m not sure, and please don’t get mad at me.

[font=Verdana]Upon further investigation, the member in question and the offending member -as seen in this thread:http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,17476.0.html - are the same person.  I will present evidence to back my case on this one.[/font]


Just figured I’d throw the facts out yet again.

ok if i ship out first with one of u guys will u clear my name

You’ve always been saying that.

alright ill prove it this time are u willing to buy anything

Operating two accounts is against forum rules anyway.

Honestly, I’m trying to figure out how you are still here.

Same for me too. He also has the same phone number, what’s that about? Huh?

im henrys friend when he was bannd he asked me to go on his forum so that the people could still make deals with him but im not apart of that anymore im doing my own thing that is why i ask for email or your number so that on my dads phon i can send u pics