lilbcozmic13 backs out

ok you know how your not suppose to back outof deals well lilbcozmic13 did with me we exchanged address and every thing i was going to trade him trading cards ad 75 strings for two sunsets an im just saying if you try to deal with him he’ll probably back out like he id with me

it happens to me a lot just forget it.

Maybe he realized how bad of a deal it was on his side…

but your not supose to backout if you aleady exchanged address’s and now he could come down from new york and kill e now because he knows where i live (but i highly doubt that)

Still, the deal is a deal. You don’t back out on the last second, go look at Josh’s thread.

If you looked at any of the replies on Josh’s thread you’d realize i’ve read it multiple times.

Sometimes people have to back out, that’s not alway’s their choice.

It’s not proper “trading etiquette” but it’s not like it’s illegal or anything.

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So true. It’s not cool when this happens and I’d get ticked off, but it’s not like he scamed you or anything. But still, it’s just flat out messed up. I hate it when people do that.

Yes. I do highly doubt that. :wink:

James Reed!

Look its all part of wheeling and dealing if you dont like the deal you can back out as long as nothing has been shipped now delete this thread before you give the kid a bad name.

By the same logic, he could’ve traded with you, then come down from New York and killed you.

Sorry man, you’re dead either way. R.I.P.

Thanks for breaking it to him. He is the only murderer on the site. You picked the wrong person to trade with.

Hell kill you with his mad looping abilities! beware the sunsets :o

you talkin about me? or josh yee?
EDIT: oh and this isnt a B/S/T thread, i know its informative yes, and thank you for that, but you aren’t buying, trading, or selling anything here and its very irrelevent to what this forum is supposed to be. sorry just noticed its not very related and shouldn’t be here.

Good call.

He was talking about Josh Yee. He made that thread called something like “A Little Post about Buying and Selling.”

Um this thread is wack.You wanted to trade him some strings and trading cards for some sunsets.He tol dme about it and i told him that he is getting ripped off.Hes new to the forums and doesnt use it much so he doesnt really understand good and bad deals.I told him to back out. There is no rule saying you cant back out buddy,yes it is kinda disrespectful but some people have there reasons.i see no point in this thread.And you should say he will back out.You were lowballing him and i told him to back out becuase he is my best friend and it would have been bad on his part.Please delete this thread.


Exactly! It’s just a chance you take. We all B/S/T w/ good faith and unfortunately crap happens. I’ve sold a few painted/recessed FHZ’s on here and have had at least one person, each time I’ve posted, back out. Shrug it off and move on.

wrong section, please move moderator ;D

wow thanks a lot lunatic