Backing out of BST deals


It is completely okay to say no to a sale or trade. But trying to back out after addresses are exchanged, let alone when one of the packages is being shipped already, is quite annoying. Please don’t go though with any deals unless you are certain it is what you want.

Sorry for the rant, it just keeps happening. -_-


yeah, whoever did that to ya I feel sorry for you that just isn’t cool now both people are down $3 quite the lose lose situation.


Its happened to me as well!
Its really not fun and makes me reconsider every transaction

To all the scammers out there
Go scam sonewhere else. The rest of us are just trying to have fun in this fabulous community


Someone backed out after you had already shipped? That makes no sense to me and is just completely stupid and rude.


Agreed! Very poor form to back out of a deal once the transaction is already in motion.



We worked out the deal, I shipped and the other person was supposed to ship the next day. I get back on the forum and read a message explaining their regret for going through with the deal too fast.

I haven’t got a message back yet though.


the last time i had someone back out of a deal i was literally in line at the post office with the yoyo, i just happened to see i had a PM and read it likely a minute or too before it wouldve been too late (it wasnt a trade, they already paid and if i shipped i can promise there would not have been a refund)


User was active today and no reply back. If there is an issue I think it should be dealt with immediately. After this I’m seriously going to make sure I deal with reliable people. Sometimes positive feedback still leads to mishaps like this and it’s just frustrating.

(Owen) #9

It isn’t “Don’t back out of deals after shipment has been payed for,” it’s “You cannot back out of deals after shipment has been payed for”

Some people (like myself) actually care about how the yoyo is packaged and do the trader a favor by shipping the yoyo in a box and with decent shipping with tracking. Believe it or not but this costs some money.


Yea, I always ship in a box with tracking. I shell out $6 every trade and it adds up. I’ve held my part of the deal so I’m just waiting for a reply.


that shucks brah
what was it yu traded yur werrd?


Puffin, I also added an extra throw in there.


must of saw someone else with something he rather trade for :-
Or just didn’t want it n e more


Well, yeah. That’s the point. :-\

It’s not cool to decide, “Oh, I like something else better” or “I’ve changed my mind” after the deal is done.


Seriously so frustrating. I now have to wait for my throw to get shipped back to me. What a waste of my time and money. I hope none of you guys/gals have to go through this.


I must post this freestyle here too. Off the top, in a zone… 8)

Those kinds of people, are confused so they flip flop,
They really need to, but they rarely ever get caught,
You can’t give a negative, that’s how it’s explained,
There’s no feedback to their name, when no money’s exchanged,
People think it’s not real, like you didn’t really get hurt,
Now that there is no deal, and the guy didn’t ship first,
Maybe he found a better throw, started debating,
His PMs are slow, and he’s got you still waiting,
I hate the way that these people waste our time,
Change their minds, and seem to just think it’s fine,
They’re looking everyday, browsing the forum,
Sending PMs for play, making deals out of boredom,
I hate when that happens, and I don’t get it,
But, if they’re shady in business…tell us all who did it.
I wish more people on the board could see that,
Don’t Paypal as gifts, or ignore their feedback.


Dope ;D


I had someone ship me a yoyo, he said that it had one chip in it, and after pictures it looked just like that.

But i had a feeling that something was off, so i held on to my end of the deal until i examined it.

I got it and it had multiple cracks, the axle was rusty, the bearing seat was in shambles, and it vibed like a washing machine.

I asked the guy about it and he said.

“That is how the guy who sent it to me described it.”

So i told him he ether bought the yoyo i was trading him by sending more money, or i shipped his end back.

So i was out a few bucks, i was sooo glad i had him ship first.


Not to jinx you or anything, hopefully he ships your throw back to you and doesn’t just end up keeping it or something…now that would really suck…