trading back yay or nay?


So you do a trade everything is already in the mail and one of the parties wants a tradeback. You say yes or no?

nay:2 yay:0


My philosophy is once you give each other addresses, their is no going back. You have already committed to shipping the yoyos by swapping your address. My vote, nay. Especially since it is already in the mail.


It depends. If one of the yoyos is damaged/not in the condition described, then yes. If everything is fine, and the other party just wants to trade back, then no.


Really? While the Yoyo is being mailed? That just shows how immature the dude is. Also I would trade back only if he is pay for both shillings of yo-yos. If not forget about it.


Since they haven’t sent you their part I’d say yay but I believe they should have to compensate for what you paid for shipping and have to pay themselves to ship it back. It should also be in the exact same condition they were before.

Also if they had agreed to a certain date for shipping and backed out after that date I believe they should still have to trade.


If nothing has shipped, then the other party is showing bad form.

If something HAS shipped, that’s really bad form.

If everyone is happy with the outcome, then who cares.

However, if you both agree, then a deal is a deal and it should be completed.


I decided no tradeback to this guy after everything shipped now im getting a negative feedback for not trading back


Just contact a mod. They’ll take away the negative feedback, since you didn’t deserve it.


Contact him about it, ask a mod to remove the feedback, and leave him negative feedback.


Can you block people on yye


I dont think so. Ask a mod while your removing the feed back. Or if your really mad, ask to ban him lol.


Now he thinks im an all powerful hacker and I can delete feedback and I can mod on yye


He said he is giving me a negative because of what kind of person I am can you even do that


No. Based on the info given, you are not a bad person. Could you tell us who this is, so we know not to deal with him?


Ask a mod again. They might be able to block him from ever giving you feedback. And in regards to him giving you feedback “because of the kind of person you are,” I think he’s just being immature. You can’t really know what kind of person someone is over the internet.


His username is itsjonadoe a clyw hypeboy


Jeez. Liking CLYW has become a bad thing nowadays.


You can block him from sending you PMs. Just go to your profile and click on “personal message options.” You can add him to the “Ignore List.” But, wait until the promised throw arrives in agreed upon condition. When the deal is officially complete, it’s a great idea to put the block in place.

Save your PMs. Hopefully he would not go through any drastic measures to undo the trade. But, if he does, you want proof of the motive. Save all your messages.