MAJOR issues, need some feedback on this ASAP

So, I traded with this kid a bit ago and there were a few minor issues. I traded a Catalyst for his Supernova and G Funk. I pictured all damages of the Catalyst and sent it to him, he told me the Supernova had “near mint” and the G Funk had “a few pinpricks”. I even threw in a damaged Trigger just because. we exchange and I see that the supernova is not near mintand the G Funk is beat and has a slight vibe. But I said whatever and it was cool. I get home and I get a message from him saying that he isn’t satisfied with the trade because I didn’t leave my used up strings on the throws, the Catalyst didn’t have the nubs that I never told him I would include in the first place and that the Trigger wouldn’t unscrew. I never disclosed the specific damage to the Trigger because it had nothing to do with our trade, I simply gave it him because I am downsizing and I was trying to be nice and just pass it on, besides, the bearing stuck in it is a TerrapinX Delta Cut so it could be a lot worse right? So, I tell him that it is rediculous to gripe about not being given a used string and that there really isn’t any grounds for a reversal. He continued to push the issue, so I told him I would contact a moderator and ask them if it should be reversed or not, and if I am told that it should, I would gladly reverse the trade no problem at all. After speaking to several people about the matter, I found that EVERY single one of them agreed that there was no grounds for a reversal. So I told him that there will be no reversal because I simply didn’t break any of the guidelines of this forum. so he argues with me a few times and I just left it at that. Then, I get a message from HIS FATHER. Stating that he wants the transaction reversed and tells me that I intentionally hid damages from his son, which I didn’t and it makes me think that his son basically told him a very one sided and biased version of things to make himself look better to get his way. So I tell him that I will not be reversing this trade until a moderator tells me that it should be reversed due to one of any forum policy. He argues with me. Then gets aggressive and tells me that it WILL be reversed. Again, I tell him that I am waiting to hear back from the moderator on the subject and I will notify him immediately about the outcome. Then I get a message from him telling me this:

Now, as rediculous as this is, I want to follow forum policy and guidelines, and I want to know what you guys think should happen. I really don’t care about the throws, it is the principle that matters.

My opinion is to let it be, accept the bad feedback and move on. It’s a “He said, she said” situation. You have enough feedback to overshadow this deal.

is there any chance of getting it reversed?

If you mean trade back, then yes,
Her said he would.

I think e was talking about the negative feedback

I’d just let it go, as jhb said you have enough positive feedback, I’m sure the negative feedback you’ll leave to him will have more impact on his business than his on yours.

He’s talking about getting the negative feedback reversed.

Also, he could be trying to scam you. Keep your yoyos and have you ship his back. It sounds pretty ridiculous anyway.

Nothing you did here deserves negative feedback imo. Your worst offense here is not including the nubs on the Catalyst, if it had the nubs on it in the picture then I’d expect to receive it with the nubs. It’s sort of weird to not leave string on the throw when you send it but for someone to actually be upset over that is absurd. As far as the free yoyo goes he obviously has no legs to stand on there. If he doesn’t like the thing you gave him for free then he can throw it away but it has absolutely nothing to do with your transaction.

It sounds more like the kid just has trader’s remorse and wants his yoyos back. I’d probably trade back with him (with him shipping first) just to shut him up, especially since it sounds like his yoyos weren’t even close to as described anyway. Transactions like this are the main reason I avoid dealing with people who are obviously very young. I’ve dealt with many who I’m sure were fairly young but they conducted themselves like responsible human beings in all my communication with them. I avoid transactions like the one you experienced here like the plague and the PM conversations I have with people generally make it pretty obvious that something like this is a distinct result of a transaction with a person.

Waiiiitttt a sec, why did you leave him positive feedback? And why did he leave you positive feedback? Was this a different trade? Also, do you know him personally since you described his house as “amazing”?

yes, different trade and it went awesome, the kid is loaded rich it seems because his house is huge. both times we traded, he put the throws in the mailbox and i swapped them out.

If you are close enough to him to take throws out of his mailbox, then why can’t you deal with this in person? Have a talk with his father?

His father was getting quite aggressive with me, wouldn’t want a fight to break out over yoyo’s lol how do i block people? ive never had to before

Wait a minute, are yoyoscout and puzzle father and son? How is it they do deals with each other and give each other feedback? I find that incestuous as hell. I’ve preached against this practice no end and people say I’m wrong for taking that stand.

As to the threats from either one, report them.

Isn’t it stated in forum rules that trades/sales done between people who know each other in the real world, don’t warrant feedback. I’d say this is especially true when one of the traders can ground the other.

Yep, it is…

For a moment, I felt like the Robin to your Batman, jhb. Haha.

Why would you accept such a garbage trade anyway? You received a “near mint” yoyo that turned out to be “beat.” Take the reverse and get out of this deal. I traded with a kid who dropped a Fury, completely unprotected, into a padded envelope once and it bothered me every time I played with it. Could have been mint when it went in, but it was scratched when it came out.

YoYoYakuza you honestly have no worries here everyone on this forum knows your an awesome guy. If anyone has a problem there they can ask any other of your 50 plus dealers and they will repeat what I have just said. And if they still have a problem I wouldn’t deal with them anyways.

If you felt like the yo-yos were not in the condition as advertised why are you so against simply trading back? It’s no hard, no foul.

Even if the kid just wants his yoyo back, why not just give him back the yoyo. That simple.

Please note, this affair is over and done with…