Be Wary of Trading with YoMurph

For a while now, I’ve been seeing @YoMurph listing items for trade again.

I just want to warn you that the only bad trade experience I have had has been with him a few years ago. I traded him a mint yoyo of mine for what he had advertised as a mint Sengoku Nobunaga.

Upon receiving the yoyo, it was clear that it had a displaced ring and had a wobbly spin because of It. The displacement couldn’t have happened during shipping because the yoyo was packaged really well (there’s a plus!)

I informed YoMurph that the yoyo was defective, and he was very dismissive and absolutely refused to rectify the situation, even refusing to simply trade back.

Be very wary trading with YoMurph.



Come now, @adamantiumpimp. I’m not trying to start any kind of fight for sport here, I just want people to be informed about my experience with this forum member so that they can make an informed decision as to whether or not they would like to trade with them.


Of course! These just usually turn into fairly colorful discussions. I guess I was wrong this time though. Also I can always appreciate a heads-up like this. Good feedback posts are welcome, but these are just as necessary.


I don’t want to argue. You act like it was yesterday. It was two years ago and you left me bad feedback then. You make it sound like I left the forum ? I’ve been here everyday since we traded and bump my post regularly Now that you have left me bad feedback again can we move on ? After two years you should let it go and move on the past will eat you up.


I agree that two years is a long time to drag something like this out.

That being said, and I’m just genuinely curious here, if @Glenacius_K was unhappy at the time why you didn’t just reverse the transaction and call it a day? I do a lot of selling on eBay and sometimes you end up giving refunds to buyers even when something isn’t your fault – it’s just part of business.

If he honestly felt the item was “not as described” and was, according to him at least, dismissed with no attempt at resolution I’d be upset and leery about trading too. And let me be clear, I am not choosing sides here or saying anyone is right or wrong. I’m just trying to get some more context.


I don’t want to argue over something we argued about two years ago. Another year or two we go through this again. We have been through this already.
Just turns into another big argument and I don’t want to go though it again and again. I don’t want it to turn into a big heated discussion for everyone’s enjoyment
Singed-The wary trader YoMurph


There is no acting here of any kind. I clearly said in my post that is was a few years ago, which is irrelevant to the message I want to send people with my feedback.

Perhaps after two years, and now that I have brought it to your attention, you can finally make amends. Wouldn’t that be wise?

Demonstrate to me and others here, @YoMurph, that you are a trader of integrity. Why don’t you go ahead and send me that SS Genesis I traded you? That would definitely cause me to change my feedback and leave other potential traders without any doubt that you are trustworthy.


Well, to me this seems like the perfect opportunity for you to clear the air and settle this issue once and for all to the benefit of yourself and everyone reading. I asked what I thought was a fair, neutral, and pretty straightforward question that it seems like you intentionally dodged. I hope that wasn’t your intention.

So I’ll ask it again for posterity: if he was unhappy at the time why didn’t you just reverse the transaction and call it a day?

If you don’t want to answer questions, that is completely your prerogative. However, that lends some credence that @Glenacius_K is telling the truth. Saying things like “it happened a long time ago” and “I don’t want to talk about it” does seem somewhat defensive and borderline suspicious.


To be completely fair, I don’t think there is anything either of you two can do to solve this issue from years ago. Though, if what YoMurph did here is true, the excuse of “It was two years ago, let it go” does not fly in my opinion. It is still a legitimate warning, and to be fair if this is true, I would be wary of trading(even if this was years ago).

What I am saying is if YoMurph DID lie and send a faulty yoyo, him stating to let it go since it has been awhile is not a good excuse, even if this guy waited for two years to warn people about him and it was still a crappy thing to do that people deserve to know.


What an odd thing to say. I have one pretty solid idea: how about sending me my mint yoyo back that he still has, and I will send him a defective yoyo back. I would send his old defective Nobunaga back but I don’t have it now, so I can send something else defective, or at least a working yoyo of lower value.

I’m not suggesting he lied as such before sending the yoyo, but he certainly didn’t want to do anything about it at all when I informed him it was faulty.

However, all I set out to do with this feedback was to warn people about him, not go on a crusade to get my yoyo back.

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Cant just scam someone and expect that giving it time will fix it. Thats not how it works. If what he says is true you have no room to try and defend yourself. You are a liar. I honestly dont see why it matters if its been two years, people like this dont really change. Glad that you’re being exposed.

I honestly don’t understand how you have the audacity to try and say that op is the one in the wrong here for calling you out. You aren’t even denying what you did.

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It matters because it looks like he’s learned his lesson. He’s continued to trade for years and nothing else of note has come up. He took his social punishment and turned himself into a better person.

I agree the original act was crappy, but if he’s changed, just let him be.


Has he? On the basis of what evidence?

I have no PM from him to offering to make things right.

It’s also very easy for an onlooker to have an opinion like yours.

Whatever. I’ve left my feedback.

You told the world of his wrong doing. I agree, it sucked. But he’s no longer acting that way. He seems to have completed a lot of trades since. That’s the evidence. I think you need to let it go, but I’m not you so you do you.


All of the successful trades he’s done since then with no negative feedback?

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I’m finished here.


That solution does not work, it has been two years. Why should he send you back something after two years? Also, if it was not his fault that the yoyo was damaged, how do we know that you did not damage it? There is a lot of missing pieces to this story for yoyo’s to be sent back and fourth, also since you don’t have his yoyo anymore there is really no trade back anymore.

Would it be a nice conclusion to get your yoyo back out of respect? Yes. It would be a nice action from him that might stop this.
Is he obligated to do so? No, it seems like he has been trading fine ever since and, if he did scam, he learned his lesson. I think this needs to be let go to be honest, while I don’t like to let time excuse a bad act, it seems like he has proven that he does not do that anymore. Sorry.


I think the moderators should remove all unnecessary comments from this thread, including this one.

Glen left his review. That’s enough. If YoMurph wants to communicate with him to resolve the problem, that’s up to the two of them. The rest of the comments here, at least most of them, have in a way completely marred this person’s otherwise very good reputation.

He has been selling yo-yos for years without any issues. Let’s not turn one negative review into 50. You need to have a personal experience dealing with the seller to comment or leave a review. This isn’t the “unpopular opinions thread.”



Guys, if you wanna fight, take this into a private thread. There’s no need to argue over something like this publicly. We understand your warning, and if Yo Murph is uncomfortable with this, he could simply pm Glen and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal