dnj89 Distrust worthy

I traded an Omnicron X to dnj89 for what I though was a “MINT” YYF “hubstacked” edition. Come to find out, he doesn’t have the stacks for it. NOTHING, no bearings, no stacks, no O-rings. Granted, minor issue, BUT I was told that it was MINT. Correct me if I am wrong, but MINT means everything is there and in good working order. So I asked if he would buy a set and just have them sent to me. To this he replied that money is tight and that my yoyo was dinged so it is fair. My yoyo was dinged, I had this all explained in the post about it. I asked if, based on the principle of things said in the trade negotiation, he would just make things right and then got this.

And this is after trying to explain to him that if someone says “mint” then that means everything is there. CLEARLY, not to everyone. So if you want to avoid the headache of a “tough guy” behind a computer screen and getting jipped in a trade, ask thorough questions with this guy before ever agreeing to trade with dnj89.

Whether or not the trade is ‘fair’ isn’t up to either party to decide after the fact. Once you agree to a trade, you’re pretty much accepting that the conditions of the trade are fair. If a trade item is described as mint, it should arrive as such (and this most definitely includes having all the parts intact).

This is just on general principle, of course. I can’t exactly take sides on this particular case because I don’t know both sides of the story, nor am I a moderator.

Just my 2 cents.


When someone has less than half the feedback that you do, it might be best to not only have them ship first, but make sure their package arrives at your doorstep before you ship yours out. If they refuse, it might be better to move on to another deal, with someone more proven.

There is no rule against posting in this section. I got my post in, after all, that is the only way that threads like this get the visibility that they deserve.

Thanks for the warning. :wink:

It sounds like your yoyo arrived in exactly the condition you described it and his “mint” yoyo arrived missing parts that you had every reason to believe would be included.

Unfortunately although it certainly sounds like you are in the right, there is not much else you can do about it, but alerting the forum to this issue helps raise awareness so I certainly appreciate reading about it and I’m sure many others do too even if they don’t say anything.

This is why I always ask for pics

From the sounds of it the yoyo also had scratches

If he described it as a hubstacked yoyo and it came with no hubstacks I would consider that misinformation. Sounds like the other person just wanted to pawn off a yoyo. Should leave them negative feedback

Yeah, at this point I have decided to just choose my battles. Best I can do is just warn everyone else about the problems to be had in dealing with him and then leave him negative feedback IF I ever even get the Genesis. I figure Karma is a B***h and if he wants to be dishonest, it’ll come back around. ::slight_smile: kids these days lol

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^ You’re right about karma, it will smack those who do it, and those who enable that behavior too. Good way of looking at it.

So a “fun” little update. . . . He “shipped the Genesis with stamps” so it is “most likely lost in the mail” he “wants to buy the Omnicron from me” but “doesn’t have any money” and he “wants to make it right” but he still “really wants to keep the Omnicron”. SO. . . That leaves me high and dry with no yoyo, No cash, No nothing aside from a bad taste in my mouth. It is people like this that have to ruin it for EVERYBODY. Because NOW, instead of the “everyone is cool” attitude I had in trading and selling, I am paranoid, and WILL NOT ship first ever again. Which sucks for you guys, but I KNOW I will hold up my end and all in all, that is the only guarantee.

I think I misunderstood your original post. I thought you received the yo-yo, but it just did not have the stacks and it was “incomplete.” So, you actually never received the yo-yo at all? ???

Actually, mint can go either way, if he said mint condition, then in my eyes, that means the yoyo itself has no damage on it. If it’s MIP, then that means it should include everything. So I think I misunderstood your post too, did you, or did you not, already receive the yoyo? If not, and he told you he didn’t have the stacks for it, then that does not warrant for negative feed back. BTW, this is why I never describe a yoyo as being mint.

Ummm, MIP means Mint In Package, (preferably never removed). Mint would imply to me that it is perfect in all ways, including all of the original parts. Unless it is MIP it’s best to describe as “very good” or “excellent condition” (if it is, of course).

Yeah we agreed to trade. So I shipped it the next day, and then a few days later, he told me it had no stacks. That is when I just asked him to buy me some to make it equal. Then after I gave up arguing with him, I asked if he had even shipped it. To which he replied “yes, with stamps” and when I confronted him yesterday about it taking over a week and a half, He told me it was lost in the mail.

To yoyospirit, Under your definitions, I could say my yoyos are “mint” and then just ship the two halves, no axle, no bearing, and still be in the clear.

I’m with jhb8426 with the definition of ‘mint’. If I’ve changed the bearing (usually switching from the in package flat to a KK or CT) I’ll mention it. If I’ve changed the response pads, I’ll mention it. I will still describe throws as mint if there’s no damage but if at any stage at all I’ve changed any part of the yoyo it gets mentioned.

Anyway, sorry this little debacle has soured you on the whole trading experience shadowtiger. Like you said, most of us here are responsible but it’s always a few little trolls that ruin it for everyone.


If he shipped a yoyo “with stamps” it more than likely will be sent back to him.

Unless of course he covered most of the box with stamps lol.

Yes, you could, but you would still have to mention that, to me, mint condition and the yoyo actually being mint are two different definitions. For example, someone could say “the YoYo is in mint condition, but it is missing the axle and bearing.” And if he told you after you agreed on the trade and shipped, then you have every right to be mad.

Mint, to me, means that the yo-yo looks the way it did when it left the factory where it was made. For example, if the yo-yo had stacks when it left the factory, it should still have stacks. If the yo-yo had a CT bearing, it should still have that same bearing in it. If it had a certain response system, that should still be in place as well. So, mint to me means that the yo-yo looks exactly as it was presented from the factory…no exceptions. If there is an exception, it should be noted in the description, such as “MIB, except there is a 10 ball instead of the stock CT.”

I’m not sure if the OP has seen me post this before, but when trading a yo-yo for a yo-yo, there is a higher chance that you will end up scammed or dissatisfied. Make sure you take that into account, and protect yourself by making people with less feedback ship first. That would have avoided at least a scam to this extent.

I looked at the trader feedback section and counted how many people were dissatisfied with a deal due to trading as opposed to buying/selling. I only counted the first three pages, but the percentage was relatively consistent when I counted 2 pages and when I went on to count the third. There is about a 30% higher chance of something going wrong when trading a yo-yo for a yo-yo. Then, even when people were not happy buying, they were usually protected by Paypal to get a refund. So not only does trading have a higher chance of getting scammed, but when you do, there is a lot less protection to make things right.

No I didn’t cover in stamps, and its pretty immature to be bashing on someone on a form but hey o well I sent him back his “mint” omnicron x that had no pads and was scraped and dinged to heck. Maybe m gensis will come back if it does o well it don’t o well,

That’s kind of what this entire sub-forum is for: alerting other users of shonky traders/sellers.


Exactly, we would not need this sub-forum if everybody could just do the right thing.