no one is replying to me

so i’ve been trying to trade a yoyo and buy a few off a few forums and so far, NOBODY at all has been replying to me. seriously! if it’s because of my one negative feedback, it wasn’t because i tried to rip the guy off, it was just a mis-understanding.

and if you don’t want to trade just say no thanks, don’t leave me without an answer

if anybody wants to know, i have an ILYY falcon in mint condition AND i have a post on it where i have a picture. i’ve been here for about 2 years, so i think i’m pretty trustable. why don’t people reply to me?

am i on a trade sanction or something?


How long have you waited?

Well, not everyone is in the market for “expensive” yoyos, so to speak. You’ve pretty much set the tone of the offer w/that statement. On the other hand, the protocol is for people NOT to reply if they’re not interested. It keeps the noise level down. :wink:

yeah, i get your point but ILYYs aren’t expensive because of the hype factor, it’s because they actually have effort put into them, sorry if i was being a little bit mis-understanding.

and maybe this is just me, but i think it’s kinda rude not to reply if you don’t like a trade.

i mean, the least you could say is no thanks instead of leaving someone hangin’. I was gonna trade a guy for a nickel dietz. the trade was going pretty well and then he just stopped talking to me. it just feels like i’m being ignored. i mean, you would don that to someone in real life! i treat people online the same way i would treat them in real life.

The only time I have gotten replys to my BST are HUGE lowballs or offers on my Cascade…

I have some problems with your post. First of all, we are currently discussing a possible trade and I am not ignoring you. So you HAVE gotten offers. Second, you have not bumped your bst post a single time since it’s creation several days ago. So, only a few people have seen your post.

I’m glad to see people replied to you. I am also replying even though I have nothing to sell or trade.
However first person to find me a mint brown and green campfire gets one of my kidneys. After I’m done with it. The kidney, not the Yoyo.
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Why would you sell that anyways? I have one, and the protos are slightly different, they rounded out some of the inner edges on the newest design.

hmm so are you bringing that to the meet?

you should offer to ship first but i am sure its because no one wants a ILYY or your offer lol jk … but yea they should at least reply with a NO THANKS ;D

I agree. I prefer the newer proto but the older one will be very rare.
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Damn! Wish I had a brown and green campfire for you…I’ve been looking for a good kidney and just can’t find anyone willing to let me cut it from them. I even promised to wash my hands and be really careful.

Oh, ok, then that’s different if you had something going and the other guy just walked away. Yes, that’s not nice.

It’s just business, there’s no reason to take it personally. If someone likes your trade offer they’ll get back to you, if not, they probably won’t. All it means is that they don’t want your yoyo. On to the next.

You have to remember that when someone’s got a BST, you’re probably not the only one messaging them. There are days when I’ve gotten 40 or 50 offers. Part of the reason I don’t write back is because I can’t keep them straight, and I don’t want people to then reply to my reply and add to my message count. It’s just easier to let it go.

Sometimes you have to market the yoyo differently I guess. Your whole expensive rare falcoln yoyo thing is pretty good, but you could get the exact same yoyo and colorway for a bit off ******* yoyo website for 75 bucks for a few months…