Be cautious when dealing with avengedseven77

alright @A_Soviet_Locust knucklehead, this post deserves to be bumped… had you done the research on chase, as well, he tried to hose as recently as december of 2019… to me… but you aren’t paying attention to any of that either. i’ll post the message chains of that if you want me to, or i already did… had ya bothered looking… either way… i tried to stop bumping this dude’s post… i maybe even would have sold him something, i called you out somewhere else (Throwers Brawl) to stop bumping this and gave this dude a courtesy truce bump on his original post… so, stop messing with your boy’s feedback…


I gotta be real with you. Honestly it does feel a bit excessive to bring this up after six years. If it was a year or two ago… maybe…

There’s a reason feedback expires after a certain time, even on eBay. And stuff that’s on your juvenile record gets wiped when you become an adult, for another example?


what do you want then

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@fatguysnacks247 has apologized. I don’t see a need to carry this any further.