I bought a yoyo from him and said when I paid let me know when you ship it. Well 8 days after I paid for the yoyo I receive it, it was only shipped two days before I got it. And I sent two pms to acavando asking if he had shipped the yoyo and no reply. Well when I open the box the yoyo is not mint like he said it was in a pm. I contacted him about the condition of the yoyo and he just says my pics show no marks (his pics were blurry, which is why I went on what the said about condition). Sarah took some pics of it to show the condition it is in. Just a warning for others since he seems to want to do nothing to fix the problem.


The damage doesn’t look too bad. Although he shouldn’t have labeled it as completely mint. And what the heck happened to the 4XL?


I love the crucifier, but they are hard to find so I’m glad to have it in general. I have one other that is an earlier proto.

I got a well played yoyo, when I was expecting mint, so I shouldn’t have paid as much for it.

On the 4xl just a bad trade I had a couple years ago that still amazes me, I’m pretty sure I paid mint prices for that 4xl, then got it in that condition. A little post tracking from the guy that sold it to me found a post about not being able to remove the bearing… poor thing. Was sent back and my money was refunded. Least they did the right thing there.



Well, i dont go here often, and i dont post or do much in this community anymore. But i will say this

Pyro- that yoyo has been MINT ever since i got it from steven kinder. When i sent it out, It was mint. You paid me on the 27th thursday, it was in your possession on the 5th (6 days) minus the weekend. Instead of taking pictures immediately assuming again you weren’t able too That mark could have been caused by two things.
1.Process of opening up the item
2.carelessness on your part
None of which seem to be my fault. Since that photo is not on day of arrival im not trying to be a prick
Neither you, or i have any validity towards this issue. And if i remember correctly i put it in a box, in a box.
On another note

“I got a well played yoyo, when I was expecting mint, so I shouldn’t have paid as much for it.”
What? I dont touch that thing, and i let it go for that reason. If you want one that had no play, go back a year and buy one for 110. you payed… 55


You can say whatever you like. My SarahJ was there when I opened the yoyo and she will agree with me that in not mint. And showed it that day to people at Time Zone Toys and they all agreed it was not mint. So either you need to understand what mint is or you just don’t need to be selling/ trading online.

And at this point I no longer care about the money. I just want you to admit that the yoyo you sent was not in the condition you said it was.