Reporting ID: Clutch item arrived not as described

I recently bought a 2sick Blitz from this guy, Clutch. He said it was mint and smooth. I got it yesterday and open up the package, it has marks around the profile. When I assemble it and gave it a throw, it wobbles and vibes really bad.

I messaged him and he claims that it was mint and smooth the day he shipped. This guy said he worked with 2sick and design logos for them so he get to pick this. However, I messaged Joey from 2sick about this Blitz and this guy, Joey told me he knew this guy and this was a B-grade and there could already have small marks on it at the beginning.

So this guy Clutch “could possibly” be selling a damaged item as mint and smooth, and trying to get away and not take any responsibility by saying "it was mint and smooth the few times I threw it and the day I shipped it. " “I don’t know what to say.”

Now this guy is saying I’m scamming him, I’ll post some pics and let you see what the damages are like, Joey told me the damages are most likely manufacturing marks which was already there in the beginning. If this is true, the “mint and smooth” claim he made is a false claim.

I apologize for saying something inappropriate about him working as a graphic designer for 2sick. I deleted what I think was inappropriate. It wasn’t meant to have anything disrespectful to his graphic designing career, I said that because he said he worked with 2sick and he sells a b-grade product as mint and smooth. According to what he said he didn’t do that on purpose and he didn’t know it was a b-grade.

“Clutch sold me an item he described as mint and smooth, but the item arrived not as described.”

That’s it.

Update: I just got back from Joe of 2sick and he said those are the damages that contribute it being b grade, so the damage was there in the beginning if I’m not wrong.

Have you just asked him straight up whether he would take a return and refund your money? Did you pay him via Paypal? If things do not work out, you might be able to file a claim with Paypal.

He said he would, but now he deleted his account and I wasn’t able to communicate with him anymore.

Quite frankly I don’t see any issues based on the pics you posted. Not taking sides, just stating what I see.

Look closely and you can see some manufacturing defects.

Besides these small marks, this thing not only vibes but also wobbles. Maybe I should post pics or vids of it spinning…

I agree that if that was a B grade from the start, it should have been advertised as such, along with the reason why it was classified a B grade. The seller doesn’t know if you’re a collector, or if you plan to play it and eventually damage it anyway, so I do believe he’s obligated to list that.

But, there have been debates on the forum about what “mint” means. I’ve seen some people comment that “mint” is defined as the way it came from the factory. If this guy defines mint that way, I suppose by that standard, it’s mint. :-\ Clearly, not by my standard or apparently yours.

I agree that the cosmetic damage appears minimal. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Consider whether you can tune out some of that vibe to make it more playable.
  2. Consider whether you can accurately describe the problems with it, and resell it to someone else who might like it. Maybe someone else will want it, who doesn’t care that much about vibe.

You didn’t respond to the Paypal comment, so I presume “no,” you did not pay via Paypal? ??? Always protect yourself and pay via Paypal, and do not send money as a gift. If you had done that, he could ignore you all he wants, and you’d still get your refund.

How much did you pay for that throw? Did you pay full price for it?

Please you new members and throwers out there on this forum and others for that matter…listen to what TA says…it’s the one way you can protect your every purchase…PERIOD!
I’m extremely sorry to hear what happened…but it’s something you have to communicate with the person your purchasing from make sure all parties are clear on what you speak about…

I send the money via Paypal, after he said he will refund me, he deleted his YYE account and I wasn’t able to message him anymore. I then send message via paypal, I haven’t got anything from him yet.

I talked to the owner of 2sick yoyos and he said I an send to him and he might be able to fix that, that’s what I’ll do if Clutch decided not to refund me or anything.

The reason I posted this wasn’t that much about the money; I tried messaging him and tell him the item arrived not as described right after I got the item. He said it wasn’t like that when he send it. Later on he said the damage is probably caused by me or delivering. He said I’m trying to turnaround scam him, that’s why I’m posting here. :-\

I send the pictures of the damage to the owner of 2sick yoyos and he told me those are most likely manufacturing marks and was there in the beginning, which means this yoyo was NEVER mint.

I think him deleting his account already speaks volumes on who was wronged. Do you have his actual name? We might be able to find his facebook then and see if he’s apart of the Facebook BST.

File a claim with PayPal saying you received an item not as described to you. They will contact him.

Jut an FYI… His account isn’t deleted or marked for deletion. He did change the email associated with it to:

Which sounds like he may not be back online.

I don’t think I can post personal information here…

Tried filing claim via paypal, it doesn’t seem to be working.

That’s because I undeleted it.

My guess is the email is just a bogus one he made up. I believe the OP has his original email, as his original post that GregP removed had it.

Did you send the payment as a gift or a payment for goods and services? It doesn’t apply if it was sent as a gift.

I had him sent an invoice to me, not sure which kind of payment it counts.

You determine the method when you initiate the payment. You pick the gift or payment option, not the seller.

You would have to of chosen either-

“Send money to Friends or Family (gift)”


“Send money for Goods or Services (purchase)”


“Request money (invoice)”

If you sent it as gift, you are screwed. If they are not friends or family NEVER do this, especially whne buying stuff online. If they ask for $$ to be sent as gift take this as a RED FLAG, and DO NOT do it. THere is zero protection for the “buyer” in this instance.

If you sent it as purchase, they pay a small fee out of what you sent but gives buyer protection in case of discrepancy, paypal will have your back.

Same as Purchase with invoice request, assuming that you initiated the request.

You got it from the horses mouth, that it’s a B-Grade. Even if it didn’t wobble and have vibe, and regardless of how minor the cosmetic issues, it should be discounted heavily, and you should have been informed up front that it’s a B-Grade.

My Flea I got from the YYF Adventure was 1/2 price, and I can’t even tell what the defect is.

If it wobbles and has vibe, maybe it’s the axle?

Paypal shows it’s refundable; so I guess problem could be solved.

Just go apply for the refund and be done with it.