Another from the same seller - Cheaper but has damage. Again, this is overpriced but the value proposition may be right for you? https://www.facebook.com/groups/yoyoBST/permalink/1044306272425158/?sale_post_id=1044306272425158


Pavel is also a very shady dude. He screwed me over, over the winter. So be careful and make sure you ask lots of questions about the throw you’re interested in.

He failed to disclose the most valuable information he could of given me on a throw he sold me. Dude out here selling C grade yoyos at full price.

A grade = perfect.
B grade = minor flaws
C grade = junk.

You’ve been warned about pavel.


I’ve seen a lot of good feedback for Pavel on the Facebook BST; enough to where I would feel comfortable buying from him.


Like I said, you’ve been warned about pavel.

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Josh, PayPal solved this problem to my side. You gave a yoyo to the third person, used it for 3 months and only after that made claims. Be warned to write such things, because it’s unfairly. Everybody knows, what feedback I have on the Facebook, so you are trying to crap me here. Administrator of bst was on my side either. I’m absolutely open to make refunds and solve problems, but not in that case.


For one I have always found the seller polite, communicative and honest.

About chiefs: yes, I have them and I’ll be glad to sell them to you.

I have all of our communication recorded, you failed to inform me of extremely important information about the yoyo.

Pavel, you sold me a junk yoyo that Frank from ilyy even told me he sold for $15 usd to the public. You told me it was a perfect yoyo and I paid over $100 usd! Of coarse I didn’t know it was a c grade until I sold it to Scott Nelson who knows ilyy VERY WELL. the second it arrived to him he said, “this feels light”

So yes, you’ve also sold one of my friends and yoyo and didn’t disclose the damage with him. You’re a real stand up guy, lemme tell ya.

If anyone wants to see the screenshots from mine and pavels conversation, I’d be happy to show how rude and unprofessional he is when someone finds out he’s a scam artist.

I’m gonna hell you

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Josh, I see that you are not very clever boy, but I’ll explain you again:

  1. you kept this throw for 2-3 months and didn’t tell anything about it. So It absolutely fit you.
    2)you began make claims to me only after selling it to the 3rd person. It’s impossible to solve this problem after that. I don’t know what the third person did with this yoyo. It’s not my deal-it’s yours.
  2. we had a disput on paypal and PayPal didn’t refund you, because it recognized my truth.
    4)admin of bst recognized my truth either
    5)about what friend are you telling? Stop lying please, I haven’t got any claims from people besides you. don’t wave your fists after a fight. you bury yourself

Next time please blur out people’s personal info. Not cool to share info like that.


I’m really sorry, but it was his idea, I just realized that

Yeah, you just doxxed someone. Not cool.

So, now that I didn’t have to do that, I’d love for the community to decide who was in the wrong. I purchased the yoyo, threw it for 5 minutes when it got to me then it was cased because I thought it was a brand new a grade rare boi. then sold it 2 months later when I needed the funds for my car. Scott Nelson would be happy to chime in because he is the new owner of said yoyo.

Also, thanks for sharing my personal info pavel. Another reason you’re a stand up guy :+1:t3: Because editing isn’t a thing on here… @codinghorror can you edit my personal info off of here please?

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Pavel except for your complaint.
IMHO there’s no way I’d refund a stranger for a sale when they’ve had the item for over 2 months. That’s too long.
Who’s to say he didn’t ship you a perfect a-grade, then after playing with it for a couple of months you messed it up.
Not saying that’s what happened…but it’s something that runs through my head.
I think you waited too long to ask for a refund…and I’ve heard enough good things about Pavel to think he genuinely felt he was sending you an a-grade throw.


Yes, and everyone heard nothing but great things about chase blackwelder before he scammed for over $1500 in g2 sales. Everyone heard nothing but good things about med until he scammed for well over $5k and continues to try to get into the community to scam. That’s how this goes. Check my references. I have never lied about the condition of a yoyo nor would I ever sell a yoyo without fully disclosing all of the information about said yoyo. My rep on here, and on Facebook speaks volumes about how I handle deals. I wouldn’t lie to get a punk a** $75 refunded. That’s beyond ridiculous.

I run a successful business myself, this whole matter, is the principle. you don’t sell junk yoyos as a grade yoyos.

When I had purchased this yoyo from pavel, I had just started collecting ilyy throws. How was I to know every detail about every released yoyo from that company? How was I to know he was lying? I only found out when I sold the yoyo to a serious ilyy collector. But somehow I am at fault?


I guess I don’t know what to say.
2 months seems too long to me. There’s way too many unknowns that can happen in such a long time with a yoyo…I really want to believe that Pavel sent you what he truly believed was an a-grade throw. I could be wrong…absolutely. But he seems like a stand up dude who has done a TON of trades and from all the feedback I’ve read on him…I really want to trust him.
So in his mind he sent you a mint yo. I side with him in not wanting to refund you after you having it for over 2 months.
I mean, things would be different if so much time hadn’t passed. But dang…2 months of throwing a yo around…who knows what can happen?

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I do too. I have to be honest, if someone I sold a yo-yo to came to me two months later I wouldn’t refund either. As you said, it’s principle. That’s just too long.


That’s cool y’all. I’ll just leave this community and y’all can let him scam someone else. :+1:t3: