Seller indicated it was mint, but it wasn't

On quite a few instances when I order yoyos that are described to be mint they don’t show up mint. Then, when I express my concern to the seller they always say: “when I sent it it was mint” or “to me it was mint” and then I just say then why do you package your yoyos like crap? Then they just deny all accusations and I’m the big loser everytime. And now I can’t even leave negative feedback because he will probably just retalliate and leave negative feedback for me too. Once again lose lose situation.

And in this particular situation when I ordered a mint yoyo for 70$ and it came with 4 nicks. When I expressed my disappointment to the seller he just told me:

And then:

Obviously, ignorance on both ends of the deal by him 1: not knowing how PayPal works 2: shipping the yoyo Inadequately resulting in 4 nicks.

Everybody knows the value of a mint yoyo to one with 4 nicks is not even close.

This is the worst.

Easy solution here. Ask for more pictures! If they can’t provide more or better pictures so you are confident in the condition, don’t do the deal. Sometimes people have different definitions of “mint” but pictures don’t lie.

As far as the PayPal situation is concerned, that is on him 100 percent in my eyes. When I put a price as a seller I have no expectation of the buyer covering the fees. Its just something the seller has to eat.

Yes but I think this was caused by him not padding the yoyo enough so now I have to eat the losses for his ignorance

From the looks of it. It appears he dropped the price even more for you expecting to get the full amount since he dropped it and didn’t. I believe if you specifically offer $70 that’s what the person should be receiving. If the person has a listing for $70 and it says they expect paypal then they’re eating the costs.

Enough people do gifts on this board even though the rules state otherwise that there can be misunderstandings.

Especially since I know mordo will use the gift feature to his advantage to pay the person less since it would be the same with fees

I know how you feel, I once bought a “mint” and I had to resell it as very used for half the price

Always take “mint” with a grain of salt. Once it’s out of the package, it’s rarely mint. Kids here don’t know how to grade things. And all paypal fees are the responsibility of the seller. If he needs to clear $70 he needs to sell for that + the paypal fees. In fact it states that in our rules.

If he didn’t do that, it’s his problem, not yours.

If a person asks me for $X shipped and I accept then that is the exact amount I am sending via PayPal. If that’s the amount they’re expecting to get after fees then they’re out of their minds. I would never ask someone to send as a gift and I will not send as a gift myself (first of all the PayPal protection is great for both parties if something goes wrong, second of all things go horribly wrong with “trusted” members of the forum way too often). If I really wanted the 3.9% I would incorporate that into the price I offer/counter with and I have always assumed that everyone else does the same.

As for the condition of the yoyo, that’s just an unfortunate risk of online trading and it’s going to happen now and then. If you are really that unhappy with the transaction you can file a PayPal dispute and assuming they file in your favor you will be able to return the yoyo for the amount you request (up to the full purchase price) but you will still have to eat the return shipping.