Beware of BattleToads

Speeder 2 was listed as mint, $30. Arrived in the following condition:

2 dents in the lip around the bearing that exposed the rounded edges of the bearing underneath.
Sandpaper scratches on the plastic outside the response grooves.
No response pads, just silicone on one side, the other was empty.

Refused to take the yo-yo back. Refused a $5 adjustment to the price. Refused to let me ship it back to him AND pay for the shipping cost he originally incurred.

I tried everything I could before posting this. I will remove this thread and negative feedback if I receive $5 as compensation. Sorry folks!

That is WEAK

But the negative feedback is warranted. He won’t make too many more sales with just 1 feedback that is also negative.

Sorry man. But since you had more feedback at the time (1 vs 0), you could have asked him to ship first.

The yoyo was shipped mint with the exception that I had completely forgotten that I had previously sanded the silicone recess so that it may better accept silicone. The damage described by OP is grossly exaggerated. That means it isn’t “mint.”

(also: how do you get DENTS in PLASTIC?) By knocking the yoyo into something hard.

Having shipped the yoyo for $30 (shipped), I tried to reason with the buyer, stating that I did not charge him shipping ($6). This is utterly irrelevant. He didn’t get what you told him he would receive.

That wasn’t good enough. You’re right. The way you handled this isn’t good enough.

I insured him that for what he got, (a near-mint, exceptionally well-playing Speeder 2), he made out like a bandit. Again, he didn’t get what you said he would receive. Period.

Still wasn’t good enough for him. That’s because it isn’t good enough.

I would have been happy to compensate the buyer, but I quite literally could not afford it, having already spent the money to box and ship the yoyo. This just makes it sound like you know you did wrong. You did. Save up some money and compensate him.

So I made $24 in pocket off a near-mint $55 yoyo. The price you sell your yoyos for is on you.

Be your own judge. This is a very clear case. You mischaracterized the condition of a yoyo you sold someone and now are refusing to make it right.

The OP said that you “Refused to let me ship it back to him AND pay for the shipping cost he originally incurred.”

So your argument about not charging for shipping is moot.
And if you set a price that includes shipping, that’s on you, man. Not the buyer. If you want them to pay for shipping, ask for the shipping costs on top of your selling price.
It also sounds like you didn’t even inspect it before shipping because there was missing response and the “forgotten” sanding.

You should have been a good seller and taken his offer to return the yoyo and recoop your shipping costs. He was not happy with the deal.

I guess I’m just a piss-poor seller then… Woe on he who buys a yoyo from me… (except for the guy who was more than happy having done so…)

It is possible something may have gone wrong during the molding process, this has happened with a few YYJs I’ve bought.

That’s just your ego talking. Instead of trying to make this right and getting the negative feedback removed, you’d rather leave it there and make some snarky comment? Yeah, that’s who I want to trade with.
The guy didn’t like the yoyo. Suck it up and take it back. ::slight_smile:

The trader or the NES game?
I would beware of both, according to what I just heard.


Although more so the latter than the former…

Battletoads, the yoyo was not in the condition you said it would be. End of story. “I forgot” or “it was a good deal” doesn’t make up for the fact that FiveIronBrian did not receive what he was told he would receive.

This is for everyone - if you send someone something that is not in the condition you said it was, it is up to you to make it right. Period.

Am I the only one who laughed at this? No? Okay.