Never Trade With maxn93


The comment I posted in his feedback explains my statement that you should never trade with maxn93. I will repost this comment here:

I was promised a mint Higby 888, as well as a tracking number to go with it. There was never a tracking number given to me. When the yoyo finally arrived, it was covered in at least 15 dings and scratches. I was also promised a Brett Grimes painted FHZ as a deal sweetener because there were delays in shipping. When I opened the box, this FHZ was nowhere to be found. Lastly, the yoyo was shipped as follows: in a small flat rate box with each yoyo half wrapped in one paper towel, with the axle (which, by the way, was rusty) and bearing loose in the box. No extra padding. Overall, a very disappointing and aggravating trade experience.


Not to defend this guy, but that seems like decent packaging. The box should protect the throw pretty well.

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But for the bearing and axle to just be loose in the box? That’s unacceptable.


Yes, but the two halves were bouncing around in the box, due to the fact that the box was much bigger than the yoyo halves.


always ship with bubble wrap. its not that expensive and takes like a minute to wrap the yoyo in it. i dont get why people chose not to use it. ihope you situation gets resolved! good luck


I know what happened, the axel and bearing bounced around and dinged and scratched the yoyo, idk about the Fhz though

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Sorry to hear that the items were not as described. Have you contacted maxn93 and shared your concerns?


I meant the throw. Not the axel ad stuff…that’s bad. I’d say the worst part by far is damage, not packaging.


I sent him a message, but he has not replied. I also left negative feedback on his profile.