Anyone know yobadfish from Ebay?

he lives in Ramona, CA. Had a deal go bad(broken yoyo recived) and now he will not anser emails. Thanks tim

thats a cool looking yoyo. What is it though? looks like a yoyojam.

A special edition Lyn Fury. I collect contest throws, am and really bummed over it. tim

Looks like it may have been damaged in shipping. That’s one reason I always take them apart when I ship. I really can’t imagine anyone knowingly sending something like that.

I agree.

Was it shipped in a box or an envelope? It looks like one side got crushed and the nut was pulled out.

It’s a darn shame too… what a beautiful yoyo.

I’ve received a yoyo like that. Not the senders fault in my case. Seems it’s the same with you.

It was just put in a flat rate envelope, unwrapped or protected. The guy finally emailed me back. His commit was “What a shame” he has offered a refund minus shipping. How nice of him. I guess I will take what I can get, and consider myself lucky I got anything back at all. This throw has a nice metal-flake color and was beautiful, a true shame. So now I need a single side of a Lyn Fury. tim

Looks like a good mod candidate. Hub mob that sucker. :slight_smile:

Wow, just wow. ::slight_smile:

Wow. Flat rate envelope. Sounds to me like the seller didn’t care or didn’t know anything. Those are only good for FLAT items. I don’t even use those when mailing DVD’s or CD’s to clients. Always priority mail boxes!

Anyone can get priority mail boxes for free, and chances are that with some balled up newspaper would have gotten it there safely.

I also saw Jayyo having a stickie’d post in the B/S/T area that had some good advise for preventing, or at least minimizing problems: removing the bearing and axle and wrapping those separately as well as taking the yoyo apart and wrapping the halves independently. To me, this makes sense regardless of how you ship it, unless you’re shipping a new in box item in the original packaging. In some cases, a yoyo like my little Aoda Little Guy came in a metalic case much larger than the yoyo, but I would suspect such excessive packaging to be a bit rare.

Umm I’ve shipped at least 30 or so items in a flat rate envelope. The flat in flat rate has nothing to do with what you put in it. I always take out the axle and leave it taken apart. Works just fine. It’s nothing new. There are a lot of companies that ship “not flat” things in those envelopes too.

Well, let’s just say that:

Just because you CAN do it doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it.

If you saw how the post office handles items, you’d probably switch to the boxes as well. I had some DVD’s get broken in padded envelops, even withcorrugated cardboard inserts. My client said the envelop arrived in mangled condition despite being marked FRAGILE and “DO NOT BEND”. Fortunately, the client wasn’t angry, as I produced the DVD, so it was no big deal to ship a second. Plus, I receive quite a fair amount of damaged items in the mail at my location. Apparently terms like “FRAGILE” and “DO NOT BEND” are suggestions, not something to be taken seriously.

As for me, anything NOT paper/documents is gonna be in a box before I ship it. That’s just how I’m gonna do it. There’s certain things I am not going to change in the way I do business. That’s one of them. Padded envelops are only good for soft goods in my opinion or other items that can survive a few bendings.

Box costs $5.20 and envelope costs $4.95. I always put the yoyo in the flat rate small box and then put that box in the flat rate envelope XD. Saves a quarter and still get the benefits of a box.


now i’m worried. I just completed my first trade and I put it in a padded bubble envelope with additional bubble wrap around the yoyo but I didn’t take it apart. I thought about taking it apart but then thought it could bump around and cause dings or scratches so I thought leaving it together would be the best bet.

Chances are good it will get there OK in the padded envelope.

As for me, I have certain ways of doing things. Saving a quarter to get something from A to B is often not worth the savings. My clients prefer it gets to them safely as do I. Because if I have to resend their masters to them, I’m out a second set of masters and postage. Or I could just handle it right the first time. But I’m dealing with an item that can be replaced. Even so, tapes require time to make. DVD-R’s and CD-R’s have costs, plus the paper sleeve or plastic case have costs. And the second trip to the post office.

Since many of you guys are exchanging unique and/or hard to find items… well, they often can’t be replaced.

And putting the box inside the envelop is a good way to annoy my clients. I’m not even gonna go there!

I get many things sent to me using padded envelopes. I don’t complain about it unless it arrives damaged. How something gets to me is the issue of the person sending it. I cannot control that. But, when it comes to how I send stuff, I’ll still with my method.

Make your choice is all I will say. Read the post by Jayyo in the BST area. It’s got all sorts of wonderful suggestions for packing and mailing. Even so, I’m still using the boxes.

If it would have been taken apart and put in a small flat rate box, it would have been fine. Still very bummed about losing such a great looking and hard to find throw. tim