selling your yoyos in the forum


so im wondering how to sell my yoyos on the forum.i have a couple of yoyos i want to sell but i dont know that is my question how?and also how do you recieve the money when they pay for it?And how do you ship the package to the buyer? ???

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Most people pay with PayPal or money orders.
This might answer some questions:,45271.0.html


I prefer to just ship the yoyo unscrewed with the axle, bearing, and string in a separate bag. I wrap the halves so they can’t get scratched and put it all in a well taped small flat rate priority box. Make sure you keep the tracking number since most people want it and expect you to have it.

Paypal is the preferred method of most and if you don’t take it people will avoid you.

Make sure to take good pics and be very descriptive if there’s vibe or anything.


I much prefer receiving an assembled yoyo in its original box and packaging safely secured than i do a bunch of yoyo pieces individually wrapped and stuffed in a Priority box.


See the safely secured is the problem I have. Too many people put the yoyo in the original box and then think it’s ok to toss it into a flatrate envelope or just let the small flatrate bulge. My way means it’s arriving with no chance of a bent axle or scratches. Also many people don’t keep the original box. I’ll take an disassembled yoyo over assembled anyday just to avoid that risk but that’s all preferences.


I’d take a properly packaged assembled yoyo over a disassembled yoyo any day. I’d also take a disassembled yoyo over an assembled one that hasn’t been properly packed. I generally take care to bubble wrap the heck out of anything I send.



The only time I’d want an assembled yoyo is if the box can accommodate the yoyo along with a substantial amount of packing on all sides. If you’re using the small flat rates, disassembled is definitely the safest way to go.


It might be best to hold off on selling yo-yos through the forum for awhile.  I think you’re better off selling your throws in person at a meet or contest, if you only have a few to sell.

I think that people who sell yo-yos on the forum and do not run into pitfalls, have at least one of these things going for them first:

1.  Some prior experience selling online; or
2.  Some knowledge of accepting online payments and knowledge of the other payment options available to them; or
3.  They have frequented the forum long enough to educate themselves about the forum buying and selling process, and they have become familiar with member usernames and who to trust.

I realize that some people can take a bunch of different links from a thread like this, and inconsistent advice from us about how best to ship, and make sense of it all.  But, selling on the forum involves taking proper photos, a properly formatted listing, with a proper description, with a some method of accepting payment, with a proper way to pack, and a proper way to ship the throws.  That is a lot of information to learn from so many people who may not all agree.  I think it will take you some time to think about what makes the most common sense to you.  That is why, for now, I think selling in person is the best method.

If you really, really want to get started now, I recommend reading the BST rules, view some BST threads, view the trader feedback section, familiarize yourself with, it’s rules and procedures to see if it interests you.  And, I wrote up my opinion on the best packing and shipping method (assembled), so I’ll link that here:,56953.0.html

I want to start recommending that people wait awhile if their post count is low, and they don’t seem to have prior knowledge about selling online.  Good luck selling the yo-yos.  :slight_smile:


Don’t use flat rates. They’re the worst possible size for a yoyo. You can buy great boxes at any office supply store that will work perfectly and even after buying them it’ll still be cheaper with first class and tracking than shipping Priority flat rate, which for something as light and small as a yoyo is an abysmal deal. Also for 95% of addresses first class and Priority get there in the same amount of time. A little bit of effort goes a long way in shipping. It’s so depressing when I see experienced members on here shipping piles of yoyo halves wrapped in paper towels stuffed in an envelope. Take the extra 5 minutes and $1 to send me assembled yoyos in their boxes and I’ll be much happier. Or ya know just keep boxes and packing supplies you receive so you always have some at the ready.


Yeah some people demand Priority. I personally don’t like doing it as well since, like you said, it’s not really a good shape/size for a yoyo.


The only thing going for shipping Priority is that they include $50 insurance with it. I still don’t use it.


You can ship priority without the priority box


I ship tons!

Always apart and wrapped to go to the moon.


I use Paypal for all my transactions. It is the ONLY safe way to handle payments online IMHO. I have never had a problem and all conflicts are resolved by Paypal.

The one time I ever had a problem shipping was when I shipped the yoyo un-assembled. I still feel bad about it… Sorry Totalarist. :-[

I use priority boxes, but get the MEDIUM size. It is slightly thicker and will accommodate most yo-yo’s in their box. Get the non-flat rate ones and you will save money. They have tracking and automatic insurance built-in. Hard to beat if something goes wrong.


No problem. :wink: No matter what method we choose, there are no real guarantees once the box leaves our hands. That’s when communication makes all the difference. I find that when people are great communicators, and stay in touch with the other party throughout the deal, it makes all the difference in the world. I read traders feedback, and some of these guys are chasing down the other person involved in the deal, trying to find them, because they are ignoring their PMs. I wonder how they can have a deal going on, and not be checking their PMs daily. It boggles the mind. :-\