Scratched yoyo from masked_fellow

Hi ! I did a trade in late december,he got my package in mid febuary,I got his in the first week of march after it got sent back to him and he sent back.When I received it,the yoyo had 10-15 scratches and 2-3 scuffs,so I contacted him and said that he was sorry and all and so I asked for a compensation,he said ok and we agreed on 30$ but then nothing,I have sent him 2-3 message and he has been connected after my last message,I don’t know what to do so I made this topic and will tell him about it.

What is the username of the individual?

Need that name so we can all be aware…

Right? Or at least take a look at the BST and familiarize ourselves.

Did you pay via Paypal? If so just open a claim if you still have the ability to. If you can’t do that, the best you could do is hope he does what is right, or leave him negative feedback and let the community know who it is so he can’t do it to anyone else again.

Looks like it was a trade.

@TheGrelots - what is the username of the person you did the trade with?

Sorry guys, I thought I included it, it’s masked_fellow,he has great feedback and I hesitate to ruin it.

Do what you have to do.