SOMEONE HELP!! trade problems - Jonah Slider/Yoyosareawesome53/Jonah6465

so last Monday i shipped my CLYW Canvas to this guy, he was sending me a CLYW avalanche and a C3 halo. after almost two weeks i still have not got it and i’m not sure what to do now. i don’t know what his YYE username is but his actual name is Jonah Slider. if anyone can help in some way i would really appreciate it. I’m hoping he didn’t try and just take my yoyo and run but it really looks like it.

Mod Edit: Note that Yoyosareawesome53/Jonah6465 are the same guy. He has used both accounts to give himself feedback.

You didn’t give us much background. Also this should be in the Traders Feedback area.

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I didn’t know where to put it and thanks

This guy tried to trade with me once and said his friend owed him a Puffin that he would have sent to me if I sent him my canvas. I told him to get a YYE account and have his “friend” get involved in the process… No further communication. I had a bad feeling about my “trade” and even worse about yours.

That sucks man! I’m not sure what to do now

How did you communicate with “this guy” without knowing his username? How did you connect? What does this have to do with YYE?

Or, are you just looking if someone knows someone named Jonah Slider? Seriously, the only thing you know is his address. You might reverse-lookup the address for a phone number and try to locate an adult at that number…

Well, for a start.

If this didn’t happen on Yoyoexpert, we have no control over it…

Second, if it did happen on yoyoexpert, you cant say you don’t know the name of his YYE account.

Go look through your messages wherever this happened, and post your communication with him here.

And don’t trade until you know who it is…

He emailed me after seeing it on my BST so I’m pretty sure he’s a member. I probably should’ve done more research and I’m not sure what calling him or any other contact might do

I traded with Jonah before. It took him about two weeks to ship, but he eventually shipped. I’d just be patient. I know he isn’t scamming you.

He found my BST as a guest and then emailed off my profile. My interaction was odd and I made requests that made sense. He then stopped contact. I would advise against making trades outside the feedback control system. It makes no sense not to create a free profile if you intend to trade honestly.

I’d like to suggest that you set your profile to hide your email address from public view. That would at least alleviate this sort of problem arising from people contacting you outside the forums.

In your profile >> Account Related Settings
Check the box that says: Hide email address from public?

This guy? Don’t know his Yoyoexpert profile though.

RayeMan, do you have a tracking number for the Canvas? Messaged Jonah, and he said he did not get a tracking number and has “lost” the receipt.

Was it a 1/1 canvas? If so he has it already and is trying to trade/sell it on Instagram. If I’m wrong sorry

I don’t mind my email being public but for the younger crowd it’s probably a wise idea. Follow safe trading practices and you will have no fear.


This Canvas?

Its the same guy…

Hey im jonah slider and i am the person that is trading with rayeman and i honestly am not scamming him idk what happend to the avalanche and halo but i am taking care of it and im sorry for the inconvience but i am handeling it

I still haven’t received anything guys, still looks like I’m being scammed

Did he contact you?

I’ve probably posted this a million times, not literally, but a LOT. Trading a yo-yo for a yo-yo is the most risky transaction you can be involved in on the BST. It is more risky than either buying or selling on the forum. It is also at it’s worst, when it involves a “high risk trader,” someone who is not an active member on the forum, who has an extremely low post count, and an extremely low or non-existent feedback count.

You engaged in the most risky of transactions, and you did so under the worst circumstances (with a high risk trader). This does not surprise me…how unfortunate. :-\