Anyone heard from @chrisdoc145

Hey gang, anyone heard from @Chrisdoc145 lately? We had a trade arrangement, of which I fulfilled my end, and the last I heard from him was 11 days ago. Before I contact a mod or start throwin shade, since I cant get him to respond to me or call me, I thought I’d ask you guys if anyone had heard from him. I know he has some health issues, and tbh Im not big on reporting folks even of they deserve it. I think I tried getting my ‘First Flag’ badge by flagging my own post cuz Im just not ‘that guy’. Anyway it was just a Magic V6 Locus he was sending me, and Im ready to just order another, but before I do I wanna see if yall know something I dont. Thanks guys.


It seems he hasn’t been on the site since 11 days ago so either he scammed you and dipped or something actually came up.

Considering the Locus is a super cheap yoyo though, something probably did just come up. He’ll probably get back to you when he came.


Given the serious health problems he previously described, plus the low retail value of the Locus, I would be quite generous in interpreting what is going on here.


Yeah, you guys are sayimg what I been thinking. Probably had an emergency health issue arise. I’m not,upset at Chris, he was very happy to get the Meta and honestly it was worth it to see how happy and appreciative he was to receive it. I was moreso asking because if it is a health issue, I’d genuinely be interested in finding a way of reaching out to him to let him know my wife and I prwying for him, and to consider the throw a gift (I wouldnt have sent it if I wasn’t accepting of the fact that a second party might not ship theirs). I was a bit ticked at first, but that was due beimg told it had been shipped 3 separate times, but after realizimg the man has health issues, I just would like to know he’s ok…


I’d give him the benefit of the doubt, BUT would be concerned if I didn’t get a response once the 30 day mark hit. Just not a solid move to take a trade and ghost afterwards. I’d give it some more time though!

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I have a question for you. First… a few thoughts.

Health issues? Very understandable. Most folks take turns dealing with health issues; either temporary or sadly; sometimes permanent. Communication on the internet has the drawback or advantage of allowing people to ‘seem ok’ yet they may be in some seriously bad medical or physiological distress.

Most on any forum can understand this without a pile of convincing.

But regardless of personal problems; there is one thing you can’t justify; using personal problems as a crutch.

If you are ‘messed up’ for whatever reason. You don’t tell people ‘3’ times that you have mailed something. <<< That makes Zero sense at all.

Unless a Priest is in the room with your sobbing family bedside; you simply get back to the other person and tell them, ‘Sorry about the delayed shipping. I am really screwed up right now and cannot ship yet. Period. That is just common courtesy.

You either sent it or you didn’t send it. Why should a health issue make a person say they sent something 3 times when they didn’t most likely send anything?

…DONT… like in a Capital DONT; send anything without sending a Tracking number within an hour of sending a package. If you send a package; send the tracking number ASAP. There is no reason not to.

If somebody can’t provide you with a tracking number; ask them when they shipped and how they shipped and a copy of the receipt.
Part of any deal should be the swapping of tracking numbers. No reason for alternate excuses. Health issues do not give you credit to misrepresent the facts.

I have a Great link to this kinda silliness. I already sent the link to All of you guys. Did you get it yet? I sent it three times.

Maybe you will get it once I feel better?

Watch your mail and hold your breath and pray for me.



I agree with yoyodoc here. I’ve had some pretty bad mental and physical health issues lately myself, but none so bad that i would lie about shipping i hadn’t. I pray that chrisdoc is okay, and that you get your throw! Hope everything turns out groovy.


I suspect most people make good faith efforts to inform buyers when something has come up that will delay the mailing of something. But sometimes a crisis comes up and everything else becomes a very distant priority for a while. And other times, a fairly minor problem arises but the person is just one of those types of people who is easily overwhelmed by adversity and is poor at communicating and taking care of their responsibilities under such conditions. :man_shrugging:

I just hope Chris is okay and not in critical care somewhere…


I agree with you my man, something was up before the disappearance. The biggest thing keeping me so civil is that this forum and the people that comprise it are some of the nicest people I have come across in a long time, and I am not gonna be the guy to muddy the waters. At the end of the day, I blame myself because I knew he was a new member, and instead of waiting for him to post the tracking number before shipping mine out, I didnt. And yes, it was a very nice half swap that had been gifted to me by the YYE Forum Santa Claus, so I’ve definately learned my lesson. Hopefully, he’ll learn his.


And/or recover if there is in fact an issue that took his life over foe the time being.


With my experience trading in other forums (clothing, camera gear, etc.) the person with the least amount of feedback always shipped first. If a senior member/new member couldn’t reach an agreement a moderator stepped in and proxied (middleman) the trade.

Not only that but a “trade agreement” thread would be posted after a deal has been made between both parties. This would create a thread for people to post any feedback on how the trade is going/went.

This would be an easy way to make things less muddy between both parties when a trade is in order :wink:


Yeah, I should’ve waited and let him ship first.


I’m having problems with him too. I gave him my address about 30 days ago, and he said he would send it to me. I waited 1 week for it to come in and it didn’t come. 3 weeks ago I asked him again if he was going to send it and then he said he would the next day. He never sent it. I hope he isn’t a scammer.


damb he got you too?


Thats what heppened with me. I sent his, posted the tracking #. And he kept saying he had, or was just about to, ship mine. That was 11 days ago. I have no hard feelings either way, because it was my lax approach that created this issue. Just hope he’s ok.


Still M.I.A?






It’s safe to say y’all got scammed. If you sent money, file drawback. People don’t disappear for 25 days and not have a chance to drop a package at a post office. I legit pass 4 post offices on my way to work.

Also, hospitals don’t keep patients for this long unless he is on his death bed. My step dad has legitimately 4% of his heart left. He is in an out of the hospital all his life, heart attacks, seizures, strokes, he is on his 4th defibrillator, guess what? Even in his health he’s never stayed at the hospital for such a long time. Maybe 2 weeks max but at that point the drs have done all they can. I’m just thinking out loud right now but honestly, had he been in a terrible car accident just think, he’d be out of the hospital in probably 3 or 4 days. Also, my 54 year old step dad has access to phones in the hospital and even his own cell phone. Communication has never been easier than it is today. There really is no excuse.


It’s a real bummer to see that this happened. More than just people losing a couple yoyos it makes trading feel riskier for everyone. Guess I learned to pay attention to who I trade with. Sucks I learned on someone else’s expense.