Edmeister (aka Drooping) has tried to scam me, and I have proof.

He claimed that he never received a 28 stories avalanche I sent him. Looking in the CLYW showoff thread, he clearly posted a picture of a 28 stories avalanche. I matched it to a photo of a picture I took of the same avalanche before I sent it.

This is my picture.

This is his thread:

http://i957.photobucket.com/albums/ae58/ratfacedudeguy/Avalanches.jpg (thanks ratfacedudeguy!)
The patterns clearly match up.

Here he claims he never received it:

(larger image: http://i44.tinypic.com/357lqoi.jpg
He owes me $95 USD (as we agreed upon) or I want him to send the avalanche back to me in mint condition right away.

Thats really sad that people do this to others!! I hope it gets worked out for you…

Based on a couple other of his feedbacks… he is not the most trustworthy B/S/Ter!!

You should report this to moderators. They can do more about it than we can, but still, thank you for warning us. I’ll be sure to never do any trades with him.

Thanks for posting this. We’ll definitely look into it.

Thanks, I emailed him about it and I’m giving him the opportunity to make it right. Hopefully he does

On my defense.
I’ve had that Avalanche since November.
I have the boxes to prove for it.

I’ve been looking for another avalanche to use because I wanted to sell that one but his never came so I never decided to sell it.
Call it what you want but I have the boxes + any type of proof you need of purchase.
His was shipped December if I’m correct and this was a very long case.
I wish he got tracking because I had to end up selling something else to replace for the Avalanche payment.

The splash matches up pretty well.

Was the 28S a one of one?

It’s pretty much impossible for a splash to look so similar. I can see the x shape made from the red splash in both pics.

It wasn’t a one of one, but the splash on each yoyo is unique, so in a way each one is technically 1 of 1. There are several key identifying factors of the splash patterns pictured that indicate that this is the same exact yoyo. Sorry homie. You got caught.

Even more importantly, look at the 3 dots that line up with each other in the hub area. They’re at about a 10 o’clock position in shizzle’s picture and 4 o’clock in Edmeister’s. It also helps to view the full sized version of Edmeister’s shot in this post: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,9377.msg378520.html#msg378520

That kind of thing cannot be replicated to that degree of similarity in such a random process as splash anodizing. Case closed as far as I’m concerned.

If a receipt is not enough I don’t know what is.
I have the original box it came with and I’ve owned several avalanches at one point.
I do admit he might’ve shipped it but it never got here and that’s the end of that.
This has been the 2nd time it’s done but the first time I already paid for what had been shipped so I never got my part.
Sucks dosen’t it where when you had done something right but never got anything in return.
I’m at school right now so I can’t deal with this.
i’ll deal with it when I get home from class probabbly around 7-8 PM PST , 10 PM EST.
Anything that’s a problem will be solved.
This is my last reply to this thread for the next few hours.

Don’t know what else you’d possibly want to say man. Receipt or not, this is the same Avalanche, and you owe shizzle his money plain and simple.

There is no question that both pictures are of the same yo-yo.

Would have “thanked” you, but my “thank you” button is missing (???), so thank you LJ.

Dude, you’ve been caught, now stop with all the BS. And ratfacedudeguy, your skills at identifying yoyos is very impressive.

I concluded that it was the same from first sight as well. There’s no doubt. Pony up the money or you will face a full ban Edmeister. As if the evidence shizzle provided already isn’t enough, there’s also this pm that shizzle provided a screenshot of to prove to me that you denied receiving it, even though we can all see that you did.

I believe there was an issue between edmeister and lolboy as well. Something about a campfire. The people in the chat know about this more than I do.

Edmeister has been involved in a number of trade issues of late, there’s just been a lack of evidence to be able to definitely hold anyone accountable. This situation is different. Preinfalk and everyone else - if there is evidence of wrongdoing available regarding the trade with the Campfire, please do post that here.

Fixed Fixed and FIXED! and No I don’t like ponies or brussel sprouts.
The third statement is untrue.
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