Edmeister (aka Drooping) has tried to scam me, and I have proof.

Edmeister has been banned. If he wants to have any hope of being unbanned, he will first need to pay shizzle for the Avalanche.

Thank you mods I really appreciate your help, hopefully he decides to pay me. If not, that’s just part of the risk I guess. :confused:

You reap what you sow. I had a feeling this guy was trouble when he denied receiving the SS package I sent him. In his defense I have no proof, but a strong suspicion just got stronger. Hope everything gets resolved peacefully!

Wow. I know we don’t have enough evidence to say with certainty, but if he really tried to scam you out of a Secret Santa package claiming he never received it then that’s just rotten. Good riddance.

he might of even got more than one. i don’t know how iccy decided to handle it. it’s amazing how easy it is to say you “don’t receive” something when someone doesn’t get delivery confirmation. if he wasn’t in Canada it wouldn’t of been a problem. I definitely learned my lesson

I sent him a wooly markmont last week for a trade on and buy for the chief he had and ! Now I see his banned ?? I also sent him payment for the chief ? What shall I do ??? Shall I withdraw my money through PayPal insurance ???

Please someone advise me



Contacting the mods is your best course of action.

I really hope that this is a misunderstanding ! And hope he hasn’t tryed To scam me with the trade.

If you paid via paypal you may have some other options as well, depending on if the money was sent as a gift or not.

If you sent payment for the Chief as a “payment for merchandise” - you should be covered unless he has a delivery confirmation to prove it was delived to your PayPal address. If you tried to skip the PayPal charges and sent it as a gift - you may not be covered - depending on how much ebay likes you.

I do ALOT of buy/sell of Petrified Wood specimens on ebay. PayPal is your friend when dealing with strangers. I wrote this as a reply to an earlier post on another forum:

  1. Always send the money as "Payment for merchandise or services"
  2. ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS send your packages/letters with delivery confirm. BEWARE Canada! It is well known to ebayers that Canadian mail persons are notoriously bad about recording delivery information. Use FedEx to Canada/Europe/Asia with tracking. In the USA, use USPS Priority. It is cheap and extremely reliable.  Exceptions:Royal Mail, French Mail, German Post and oddly, Italian PO. They may, however, be more expensive than FedEx. If it ends in "stan" - forget it.
  3. ONLY, and I mean ONLY ship to the address listed on PayPal for the account in question. If you do not do so, and send to an alternate address ("...hey man, I'm staying at my girlfriend's apt. now, can you send it there?) they can claim to have never given out an alternate address and that the item never showed up. Since ebay is swamped as it is - your chances of investigation are slim.

  4. If there are problems and you have followed these steps, you can prove that a package was sent to the proper address and that it was received. It will then be up to them to prove that the item is defective or not what was agreed upon. Since it is unlikely someone would go to these lengths to carry out fraud, PayPal is now in your corner in the dispute and is holding all the money and bank account information.

Hope you get your Chief.

For the record I traded a wooly markmont and cash vai paypal for his chief! I sent the wmm out first to show my loyalty In return i didn’t get a very good proof of shipment claiming he had shipped the chief but u still gave him the benefit because of his rating compared to
Mine on this forum! So I sent him the PayPal after his so called confirmation ! So I may have to retrieve my money now ! If the chief doesn’t come which I’m feeling it won’t ! At least i get my money from PayPal hopefully I have still been scammed out of my wooly markmont unless the trade goes through !?

I would definitely contact the mods about this. Continuing to allow this person to use this forum to scam members is not something YYE wants to be a part of.

He has been banned so there is nothing can be done as far as my wmm goes ! I will most defiantly be able to claim my money back but my $100 + markmont is gone ! :frowning:

He was banned two days ago.

@BG - I’d recommend you begin a paypal reversal.

Then how was he on this moning at 3 am?

Hmm. Looking into that now. I’ll get back to you with my findings.

He wasn’t actually logged in. The forum software shows him as present but he could not log in. The logs show he was here but he was denied access. It’s just a fluke of how the forum software works.

Here’s an update.

Edmeister has created another account…“Drooping”

He is possibly in the process of scamming me now.

We agreed on a deal, he’d give me his iphone 3gs and I’d give him my code1, sodablasted peak, and mini motrix. I said since he had bad feedback he’d have to ship first and he legitimately freaked out about how those negative feedbacks were for no reason and that one of them was a racist against canadians or something like that. Well, I wanted the iphone, so I agreed to ship same time. We agreed on shipping yesterday, so I shipped.

He starts going crazy and sends me about 20 texts yesterday “DID YOU SHIP? DID YOU SHIP?” I said…yes, I shipped, and that was that. A couple hours later I asked him “you shipped today too right?” And he said “No lol”

Well, I got a little mad because of the previous things that we had talked about and I basically said, it’s not cool to lie to people like that and stuff like that. Then he got all defensive and he’s like “So for trying to be a good guy you start being all rude to me, I was gonna include 2 cases but I’m not since you were so rude” And…I wasn’t in the slightest way rude, I just pointed out what he did wrong and told him to correct it.

Now he won’t answer me, and abruptly stopped texting me about 3 hours ago, I told him if he didn’t stop ignoring me I was gonna get the mods involved, so…mods…I guess that’s what I’ll do.

To sum things up. My yoyos are enroute to Canada and I have no idea what he is doing with my iphone that he agreed to trade me, and now he won’t answer me.

I’m pretty sure you can intercept packages, but they charge a fee. I have done that before, because I believed the guy to be a scammer.

Apparently he is intent on going to the PNWR promising to bring some CLYW throws for everyone to try out. Perhaps we’ll be able to express our collective rage “live and in person” ifin he has the ballz to show up!