dont trust ETERNAL PEAK

I recently offered to buy his Peak from him for 250 if he could wait tell I got paid. I paid him right when I said on Dec 28th (Friday) and he stated he couldn’t mail it cause he was at work so he said he would mail it Saturday. Saturday came and nothing. I message him and he said he will give me the tracking number soon which if he just got done mailing it why couldn’t he send it with that message. A few hours pass and I message him and that’s when the weird things happen.

1st- he says they forgot to give him the tracking paper

2nd- he says they told him they were busy and it might take a while even though the point of priority mail is a set amount of time in the US and I just mailed 3 yoyos right before Xmas and they got there in 4 days or less.

When he said this I began to worry but was very glad I paid the fees and sent payment as a payment for goods (which everybody should do when dealing with someone with no feedback) I said if I didn’t get the number this week I would open a claim cause his story didn’t make sense. If it doesn’t make sense its probably not true. I stated if he didn’t send it and was buying time to just be honest and I will understand. He insisted that he mauled it. He said he sold a 28 stories Ava before I paid and said I could wait tell the feedback came from that so I knew he was legit. I said it was OK and paid. Yesterday I asked were the feedback was and he said he told the guy not yo give him feedback cause he was done with the forums. That is what drew the line cause here I am a paying customer who already is beginning to not trust him and he refuses feedback which would of help our dealings somewhat. I told him I wanted the money sent back and I would send it as soon as the peak arrives. I find the money minus 7 bucks in my PayPal then ask him what was going on and he said go ahead and spend your money I have nothing more to say. CAUGHT RED HANDED DUDE. if yoyo sent the yoyo then why would you tell me to forget it and you dont want to talk anymore.

Long story short he didn’t plan on money being sent as a payment. He tried lying about sending the yoyo and stalling for time then when he got scared of getting caught he sends the money back and tries to blow it off like nothing happened. Nobody would send there 250 Buck yoyo off already then say spend your money im done talking. He’s a liar and dont trust him.

That is all.

He seems legitimate. How long did you wait?

This is why i dont want to trade but is it ok i hear lots of people get good trades

Read the post of his messages. It doesn’t matter how long I waited. What matters is people dont seem to care about keeping there word then lie about it. If he didn’t get a chance to mail I would of understood cause stuff happens some times but he lied and said he mailed it… Then says oh o didn’t get the number… oh there closed. Then tries to make it out to be my fault cause I went on his word and then he got caught in his own web of lies. If I say something I do it. PERIOD. im sick of all these liars who act like everybody should understand that there liars and should still trust them.

Dont get me wrong I have met a lot of good people and been happy with almost all of them but I can’t help but wonder if I would of got screwed if I sent it as a gift. He could of told multiple people he was selling it to them got all the money and ditched the forums like he is doing now.

You were right. He sounds like a stupid teenager too. Good job man, glad to hear you secured most of your cash back.

Sorry, couldn’t resist lol, but he did return the money. Also, I just talked the Chicken, and he said he did receive the Avalanche.

And “stupid teenager”? Way to categorize all of us.

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Also it’s kinda funny he already sold it when it was in the mail to me according to him then last night he sends my money back then its sold today. I will say it again people. If something doesn’t seem right it probably isn’t. This is the second time I have had someone lie about similar things then come back and get mad cause I went off of what they said. If he would of said oh dude sorry im just super busy I will get it put first thing next week everything would of been fine. Instead he lied.

No, you just categorized yourself into it, aka took it personally. I said a stupid teenager. I didn’t say a teenager, that would be generalizing. Do you categorize “all of us” (teenagers) as stupid? Think about what you just said.

Ahhh, gotcha :wink:

P.S. Love you

and yoyospirit thak u for corecting my por gramer can you just troll all my posts and correct me when im wrong :slight_smile:

Sorry on my phone I just spell things out fast without thinking of the PROPER word use. Kinda tired of people trying to correct little things though. You understood what I was saying that’s all I wanted.

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Im gonna leave this now I just wanted to post my frustrations and hopefully you guys understand what I mean. Stuff happens. I get that. Be honest and dont make up lies and excuses then get mad cause people expect the words you say to be true.

I know lol, but after reading EternalPeak’s message I couldn’t help it :slight_smile:

Dude EFF that guy. I’m glad I didn’t buy that from him. What a scam. I’m sorry that happened to you, especially since it was a peak. Glad you got your money back tho

Job well done. (You know I’m kidding, this was meant as a joke. :D)

It seems like he is okay. I think the OP is greatly over reacting. Greatly. He is like yelling and complaining, but the only thing that happened was he lost 7 bucks. I have a friend who lost a mint Sepotous, and he didn’t complain, whine, or anything. Just left negative feedback and accepted to fall for taking a risk.