I didn’t want to post in the Introduce Yourself thread, but take caution when dealing with him - He is a potential scammer. Brian can back me up on this.


Thanks for the heads up Samad.

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He just sent me a PM about my B/S/T thread. I’ll be sure to cancel those plans.

I thank you so much Samad that I am only using the normal amount of periods.

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Oh, I should probably say a reason

Quite a while ago, on YouTube, he offered me a Worlds P2 and Higby FHZ for my beat up P1. I told him to ship first, because I had more trade count (I linked him to my YYN account) but he refused to ship first. He wanted to ship at the same time, but I said no. I told him that he wasn’t trustworthy, as opposed to myself who had 9 trade count, all positive. He still refused, and demanded we shipped at the same time. He said he didn’t have a YYN (which he did) and demanded we shipped at the same time.

I refused, and dropped out of the trade.

Haha, use periods as you wish :stuck_out_tongue: I like it sometimes, cause I can tell its you sometimes :slight_smile:

He seems to say he’s gonna trade two awesome yoyos for one of your yoyos, and say to ship at the same time. He also has offered me a Gung-Fu and a Worlds P2 for a Beat Fool’s Gold Peak. I my scam detector went off, so I said no.

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I can back you up on this? Is that that one guy that offered like a Peak and GM2 for my Flea?

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thanks for the heads up Samad :slight_smile:

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he said he would traded his project 2 worlds edition and a purple and silver bully. he spent 210 dollars on yoyos and i spent 65 dollars. i think he was probbaly gon to scam me but i said no. couldent trust him

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Another scammer? Wow, unbelievable…
Thanks for letting us know Samad.

Happy Throwing! =]

thanks for heads up

Honestly, this guy is no good. “Well how can you know that Jonas, you don’t trade at all”. Well this guy really wanted to trade with me. He even sent me spam PM about it on the nation.

THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP, i was looking for a peak in the BST thread, now i know who not to get from.

Thanks ;D
~Gorrilla Y0

Lot of scammers lately. I wouldn’t trade with a person who’s account name is emoelmo isawesome anyways.


Well I guess I better go back to my X-con… :’(

jst not trade because then u would have to waste 5 bucks sending it back

Actually, about 2 dollars if you ship with padded envelopes

Totally the right thing to say on a forum he’s on :stuck_out_tongue:

why wat happened

Yeah this kid was bugging me on youtube about trading for my yoyos.