This guy is a member at my club. He does bother a lot of us sometimes, but now I am thoroughly bothered. All that stuff that he is offering is MY stuff. He does not own a purple silver bully, worlds Project 2, or Higby 0, but I do. As I said this disturbs me very deeply that I am teaching him my knowledge, and I find this post. I will take care of it on with what I can on my end, but I would not recommend trading with him at the current time.

David Maddox


Wow. Just Wow.


He offered me a mint Pyro light for my beat project and my silk. He insisted that I ship first, and then said we had to have a middle man, and it was this guy I had never heard of.

you need to teach this kid a lesson. i would keep a VERY close eye on your yoyos around him if i were you

Yeah agreed. Thanks for helping out with this btw David. :slight_smile:

Did he hit himself on the head while yoyoing with this yoyo?

;D ;D ;D

I had to…

so true he mgiht steal them and trade some one for real

this tool scammed me via youtube =/
he took one of my aqua 888’s and it was going to be for a alex beringul peak…still waiting 4 months later…

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Talk to David Maddox. He might be able to get the kid to pay you back.

David, please kick this kid’s a**



I’m tryin to have faith in this kid, but more and more people just keep saying he’s scammed them.

Same here D:

this guy sounds like no good. and why would anyone ever try to scam, it;

gives you a bad rep

NO ONE will want to trade with you

people will start to avoid you at contests

he spends more time doing this then he would if he got a job

must i go on?

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or give it back if its in good condition

Yeah but I’ll bet the kid already sold it by now.

if he didnt sell it he probably scammed some by now

I did not ship the yoyos, but I will be returning your yoyos this weekend. Sorry.
^^ from emoelmoisawesome
Okay you keep me waiting for two weeks and you have the nerve to say “SORRY”? No. I want what I got my end of the deal for. I’ll be surprised if he even ships them back to me.
Unbelievable. I swear. >:(

Stuff like this is why I never ship first.

Sorry, but try waiting 3-4 months for it. Luckily that person stays in contact, but yeah I’ve had to wait that long.