A note about emoelmoisawesome

You may have heard of an unfortunate rash of incomplete and scam trades being perpetrated by ‘emoelmoisawesome’. I was disgusted and find such behavior reprehensible. There is however good news to report at the end of it all.I have been approached by a few people, and have recovered their yoyos among others and are being returned to the rightful owners. It is my happy privilege to have been in a position to have facilitated this correction of a wrong in our community. We are all part of this community, thanks to everyone who aided this effort.


This is amazing news. I want to say thank you on everyone’s behalf :slight_smile:

Did you kick his #$& too? Cause that would have been my favorite part :stuck_out_tongue:
I kid of course :wink:

Hey did he have a Cyclotron and a Envy 64 in his possession? If so those are mine…

Good, I am glad people are getting back their yo-yos. Thanks for doing something about it.

If there is any questions for me to check please PM me