What should I do? (Shoysauce)

??? I might have gotten scammed. Ok, so i get a message from “Shoysauce” asking to trade for my Monkeyfinger Evil Yo. He offered me his Code 1 and his Phenomizm. I had to go on a trip, so i shipped first. He said he shipped the same day i shipped, and its been a week. He hasnt responded to any messages. I should’ve could’ve would’ve been more careful with this trade. He sent me pictures on Diggadear’s account on imgur.com. I think he is diggadear. All signs point to him being diggadear. He said he shipped, but frankly i dont believe him. The two things that stand out most about them being the same person: 1. The address he told me to ship to is in Chevy Chase, MD. On Diggadear’s profile says he lives in Chevy Chase, MD. 2. Diggadear is asking for an Evil Yo in his BST wants, and he has the same code 1 in his bst( i think its the same). And a third reason that makes me think that if he is shoysauce that he definetly scammed me is that he hasnt updated his BST saying that the Code 1 is gone.
Neither “shoysauce” nor “diggadear” have responded to any of my messages, and it shows that diggadear is on. :’( >:(

Ive decided to give this until saturday, June 9 to decide if he is a scammer or not. Im not feeling good about this though.

Update that i forgot: im pretty sure Shoysauce deleted his account. I try to message him, and it says something like could not find recipent(s).

A week really isn’t all that long to wait. However, the appearance of multiple accounts is a point of concern. I’d recommend that you not go public with this type of information until you are in fact positive you have been scammed.

I’d pm one of the mods and they can at least check on the multiple accounts. They are pretty awesome and they might even be able to give you the advice you really need.

Unfortunately that’s the second complaint today on a trade w/Shoysauce.
And yes, Shoysauce has marked the account to be deleted. He can’t actually delete it.

Will check a few things.

Diggadear says he is not shoysauce. There’s not a lot more we can do at this point.
Until anyone has proof otherwise, please leave him alone.

Hi i am your equal aqquitance, i have too been scammed out my avalanche, it feels terrible being scammed

I know both diggadear and shoysauce, and though I am younger than them, they are my responsibility, as I taught the yoyoer(SpicyBroth) who taught both of them. I can confirm they are two different people. The reason diggadear has the pictures on his Flickr can be one of several reasons. He could be putting them up there for shoysauce as they are friends, it could be left over from when all the kids at their school had one communal BST, or digga could have recently traded the yoyo to shoysauce. I will do my very best to make sure this issue is resolved or personally compensate for the lost Yoyos.
My apologies,

We all live in the same area, as do several other yoyoers in the yoyoexpert community, my fault really…started a yoyoing fad…there are at least 10 people on these forums who are from DC…I will try to keep them in check. If you have any issues with shoysauce, SpicyBroth, goldbayseasoning, diggadear, wildsky9, arirock101(not sure that all of these names are 100% correct)please contact me and I will resolve the issue as smoothly as possible. Once again, sorry for not keeping them all on my radar.

Oh, and the reason they both want a evil yo is because the used to be a evil to in the hands of a member of our little yoyoing community for a bit…then I traded it away… :stuck_out_tongue:

i think this is him look at his yoyos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUkS_2DFdRw

No, its not them. The code 1 they offered me was a yoyoexpert edition.

Wow, that’s an impressive collection for a 10 year old. :wink:

I sent him a Pro+string for a gnarwhal, He said he was going to ship another yo-yo the same time if I wanted to trade before he left for the post office

We were going to trade on the same day on tuesday. My code 1 for his fools gold avalanche. He said he shipped, but no tracking. I shipped, because I trusted him. I am sad now, because that was my favorite yoyo. This is my first time being scammed, what do I do?

he has been involved in about 3 scammings in the last few weeks… i thinkO.o i would take his adress look it up on white pages and give his parents a call.

Ok everyone I talked to him today and according his parents shutdown the account, and due to very unfortunate circumstances the throws will take sometime to get to everyone. I will continue to wait for the offered throw.

Thanks for the update, Melford! Let us know if you have any more info.

I am trying to deal with the situation. I unfourtantly taught the guy that taught him…will try to resolve this ASAP.

I will try and deal with this.

Just out of curiosity, what is the consequence for such scamming? I alao live in chevy chase maybe i could help some how?