Help me beat a scammer...

;D I ask every one for help i have a small collection of yoyos and one day i wanted to trade some for something different I saw a bst that had stuff i wanted i looked at the sellers feedback and he had 5 positive trades so i talked to him and i was trading a purple revolution world yoyo contest edition and a zen2 for his dv888 and a hitman pro which is more than fair I even called the seller and we talked over our deal and he wanted me to mod one of his yoyos and he called me to telling me he sent the yoyos so for 1 month he kept telling me they were delayed and such i started to become worried that maybe he was scamming me so i went to his profile and looked at his feedback and noticed that the members that gave him feed back had only been active one day right there and then i knew i was being scammed so i called the guy and now he doset answer he just ignors me.I am su e some people who read this post have been scammed but i wanna get back at this guy untill he give me my stuff.This is his info and i have his number just in case we need it ;D and email him untill we get some answers plzz help me get a scammer ;D :smiley: :smiley: ::slight_smile:

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Did you send it too Seattle Washington? If so call their cops. Internet scams are big deals to cops anymore. Give them his email, and number and info about your case as well as all the feedback on this forum, and any other info you may have/ first last name, address, what not. Good luck dude, but asking to harass him is probably not the best idea.

i am trying everything i can i just hate scammers

Its against the rules to list someones phone number like that.
Might want to remove it.

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yeah dont do that.
just say i know his number or something

1well said. :wink:

Schnayke is right.

If you haven’t already notice i removed it

Since this involved the use of the postal system, please have the following information available:

Hard copy of any transcripts of any discussion. This can be emails, forum postings, and if you have it, stuff on the chat room(s) as applicable. This is a key bit of evidence. Headers need to include FULL headers. Emails via the forum aren’t as “iron clad”, but if you leave them on the server and can have someone confirm and validate them as legitimate(make sure you aren’t making stuff up), then they are good as well.

Have proof that you sent your items, and if possible, that they received the items. I think you handled most of this already.

Simple case of low-end postal fraud. Good way to get them into some serious trouble fast.

If you want, you can also go after getting his Yahoo account locked and taken over by authorities, but you’ll need to get court documents prepared and that will take SOME time and possibly some money. Unfortunately, with the volume of spam flowing out of Yahoo, it’s hard for me to take Yahoo’s anti-spam and anti-abuse policy with any sort of seriousness.

Lastly, any and all personal information of the party being accused should be kept to yourself. It should NOT be posted in public.

I thought this issue had been resolved. Apparently not if you’ve had to post about it. It also seems that this should be in the trader’s feedback area.

Best of luck. I’m on your side on this one. Scammers need to be stopped so that others aren’t taken advantage of.

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thank you studio

I disagree totally.

If the guy scams someone, he’s fair game to have all info posted.
mother’s maiden name
the works

BTW - point out the rule.

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lol its true y should scamers have privacy when the broke all the rules it the book

Have a good idea who it is…talking to people from washington yoyo club on how to handle it

What we have here is a low life trying to cover his tracks by deleting his account.;u=14523

I guess he didn’t realize that the whole process required an admin to complete the process.

When I go after spammers, I nail them. ISP, relay, bank accounts, credit card issuers, telephone providers. Now, the big time scammers have learned to leave me alone, leaving me on the dirty lists of the idiot bottom-feeders.

Sorry, I haven’t updated in a while, but there’s still new content being generated as needed, it just haven’t been uploaded to the site. 337 spams got through the filters so far this year.

Regardless,  let’s get back to this issue.

While I agree that he SHOULD be fair game,  it’s best to take the high road. Any sharing of such information is a violation of privacy. As much as I hate scammers and spammers, and as a technicality, I break this rule, do not take an effort to publicize this information. In my case, if the spammer wants to send me his information that I clearly did NOT ask for, in the spirit of preserving the spam in it’s entirety, it is posted to that web site UNEDITED. If a spammer doesn’t want me revealing this information, then DO NOT SEND IT TO ME! When spammers cry, I just say “go do something about it”.  Nothing has happened yet of any real consequence. They made my guestbook useless and I shut down the crappy forum program I was using due to security issues. Now they get their jollies by abusing my forms. That all they got?

Don’t share the information. The lame part is that the person who scammed you, unfortunately it has rights. The last thing you want is the scammer to come at you with an anti-defamation and libel suit. It just gets messy, expensive and drawn out. The only winners in the end are the lawyers. You can bet good money(that you’d need to spend on land shark lawyers) that extra charges are going to be tacked into the equation.

Also, unfortunately, free email addresses are a dime a thousand. There’s nothing to stop the scammer from hopping to another email address and starting over again.

So, why should scammers get privacy? It’s called “CYA”. Protect YOURSELF. Screw them, but protect yourself.

Not to criticize YYE, but it’s due to stuff like this is why many places do not allow marketplace type discussion. It can come back to the operators. It typically doesn’t, but it can. Someone gets scammed big time, and forum op gets nailed with a nasty lawsuit and legal crap for being an accessory. The liability is not worth the hassle, at least that’s the opinion of most forum operators. But, I bet most of the trades and deals on the B/S/T area go down with no problems. I bet a few have silly problems that get resolved with minimal intervention. As always, it’s always a few individuals that screw it up for everyone.

Don’t lower yourself to their level. You did a deal with “username”. That makes “username”'s username here FAIR GAME. The rest is protected by privacy laws. That includes things like:
Real name
Email(unless they’ve ever revealed it, then it’s fair game)

Besides, I want to stay on joelusiyoyo’s good side anyways. I may be buying a yoyo that I’ll want him to do a single color paint job on.

Rep from the Washington Yoyo Club here.

Hopefully we can clear this up. But really though, posting personal information other than their e-mail address and messages you had between each other is pretty terrible. I’ve been scammed and stuff before too, so I know where you’re coming from, but posting information directly identifying the person is really unreasonable. If there was a phone number there posted before, you’re a really good person to remove it!

If you have anymore questions, go ahead and message me. Hopefully we can figure this one out!

PS - Please use punctuation marks and stuff if you are going to message me. I had a headache trying to figure out what you were saying. I had to divide the entire block of words myself lol

thanks for removing it!

How do you think we alerted people to the notorious Chris Moore a couple of years back? He had a number of scams going under various usernames at the same time. The common thread was his name and the city he lived in. We saved a lot of people grief by doing that. For some we were too late.

Go ahead and post his city and name, but not his freaking number or address. By directly identifying, I meant being able to directly harass a scammer. Sure they scammed you, but their information will forever by stored somewhere/by someone who can do whatever they want with it. I’m not talking about identity theft here. In the hands of some immature people they can harass the person OR the FAMILY of the scammer. I know that if my brother scammed someone, I wouldn’t want people calling my house/sending me mail just to bother him because it would bother me and my family. I’ve seen it happen, and it’s just not good for the people around them. Think about that for a second there.

Anyway, I regularly throw with yoyobui. I remember clearly when he got rid of the Hitman, because he used to throw it all the time. At the moment, I do think this was some sort of shipping error, even if he isn’t replying to the original poster’s messages. Shipping errors do happen, although VERY rarely, with USPS. I thought I lost a very nice HD camera that I sent in the mail a couple months back, but it eventually made it to the other person. I’m still in the works of figuring out what’s happening now though.

haha ya i am lazy sorry

I will take his email out but if you can talk to him tell him to send the yoyos