Beware scammer!! Read Here!!

(JET) #1

So I saw that this guy was being questioned because he was offering to sell his yo-yos for 75$ for two I did a little more digging and look…

This is a top result when searching “Clyw Collection”

Here is his BST picture…

His username is: Legit_yoyoer


His BST has already been removed.


That name amirite?


Looks legit.


Haha that’s Matt Rice’s collection! (Pro kendama player, also helped in the CLYW color way damas)


I knew he was scamming when ge offered me a minty mint chief for $25, also he wouldnt ship before i paid w 1 feedback and sayi.g they are all mint is kinda a red flag too…

Legityoyoer more like UN legit hahah


Also since most people here are trustworthy if he would have said yes i would have traded him my mint gold gleipnir and would have been out that, i would have taken that chief ibstead of the $120 offer i had from someone else hahah.

Good thing he countered w $25 for it lol


Ha, I’ve got a trade set up with him for the Cliff. He’s supposed to be shipping first though. Always make them ship first.


How do you even scam with paypal?


Nothing better to do with his day…?


some people just like to waste their time. I guess they don’t know that you can cancel the transaction if something goes wrong.


Plenty of people have been scammed using paypal either because they sent the payment as a gift or waited too long to file a claim.


I too have a “you ship first” trade set up with him. Let’s see.