Clyw yeti

Does anyone have a clyw yeti for $120 prefferably black

Are you stupid or a scammer?

Nobody send this guy your throw unless he pays first!

do u have one

Check you messages I have



Scammer. Do not trade with. Mods LOCK!

Accualy he is not he payed and I’m sending the yoyos Monday so guess what you look stupid now

Seems legit…

That was rude.

The rest of the others were being rude to the OP, basing their accusations on nothing solid. Although it’s unnecessary to insult the accusers, it’s not uncalled for.

A new user coming in and offering to pay an extremely high price for a plastic throw is a bit fishy.

I bet your just the guy on his other account, LOL…

I paid yoyogod24 and he isnt sending the yoyos what should i do

Judging by the date they registered, favorite tricks/yoyos, and posts, they are not the same person.

Everyone, please stop posting in other people’s BST threads.

Username1 - if there’s a problem with your trade with yoyogod24, please make a thread in the trader feedback section.

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