Not getting scammed in bst


What are possible courses of action if you follow all the steps above but still end up getting scammed? (i.e. you send payment for a yoyo and never get one in the mail or vice versa.) What are possible courses of action to mitigate the loss? (Is paypal safer than other payment methods? I’ve heard people can “make a claim” with paypal although I have no idea what that means.) Thanks!


Well paypal will be a bit safer then sending money thru the mail.
N making a claim
is saying you did not receive the item but yu sent the money,
most likely they will refund yu.
I never gone thru this yet


What do you mean you’ve never gone through this? Also was this the right place to post this question? I couldn’t find a more suitable place than this.


As in it never happened to me
N I suppose so
other users will give you their thoughts on it


Trade with people with really high grade counts until yours is high enough to get people to ship first.


A caveat w/using paypal - do not send the payment as a gift. If you do that you cannot claim a refund.


copy that
I needta remember that


Reputable traders/sellers.


As long as you send it for goods and services submitting a paypal claim is all you need to do.

Make sure you do it within the specified time period though and some people will try to make you wait saying that it got hung up somewhere or they messed up the address. It’s best to just submit the claim and if it shows up you can cancel it.

Keep in mind that this can always backfire so if you ever sell a yoyo through paypal make sure to get tracking so you have proof that the yoyo was sent. Take good pictures before shipping as well so you have proof of the damage specified.

For the first couple purchases I’d probly keep it to people that have been here for a while and have all positive feedback till you get comfortable with it but it’s up to you.




“use your brain” and “dont be stupid” would solve probably 90% of bst problems/scams

if someone followed the above guidelines then in the situation you detailed in which a person paid for a yoyo and received nothing, they paid with paypal as goods/services and not gift, so they can open a paypal dispute and have their entire payment refunded if the scammer cannot provide proper information to prove they sent your item

dont use any payment method other than paypal

never send as a gift to someone you dont trust. protip: “trusted member of the community” doesnt mean much to me. those are just words on a computer screen and there have been more than enough trusted members of the community turned scumbags in all the various forums/marketplaces ive been a part of for the past 15 years. ill gift a guy ive dealt with repeatedly with less than 10 posts that might not be able to bind his yoyo long before the kid who made a bunch of videos doing tricks that blow my mind that im dealing with for the first time

dont trade with people with very low feedback


dont assume or trust that a yoyo is in a specific condition, if the condition is important, ask for more pictures

if a deal is too good to be true it probably is

long story short…dont be stupid/use your brain


I’ve also had a few instances while talking with someone about a trade, it just didn’t feel right for some reason. Trust your gut, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time.


Absolutely. I was going to pm a guy about his yoyo, but had a weird feeling. Didn’t pm him.


What is a “high” trade count? High twenties?


There’s really no set number. I’m pending my fifth transaction now and nobody has had any complaints. If you feel suspicious talk to the person or don’t interact with them at all.


Over ten is pretty safe, but the higher the better.


Off the top, in a zone… 8)

Those kinds of people, are confused so they flip flop,
They really need to, but they rarely ever get caught,
You can’t give a negative, that’s how it’s explained,
There’s no feedback to their name, when no money’s exchanged,
People think it’s not real, like you didn’t really get hurt,
Now that there is no deal, and the guy didn’t ship first,
Maybe he found a better throw, started debating,
His PMs are slow, and he’s got you still waiting,
I hate the way that these people waste our time,
Change their minds, and seem to just think it’s fine,
They’re looking everyday, browsing the forum,
Sending PMs for play, making deals out of boredom,
I hate when that happens, and I don’t get it,
But, if they’re shady in business…tell us all who did it.
I wish more people on the board could see that,
Don’t Paypal as gifts, or ignore their feedback.

T.A. OUT! Not “Once Upon a Tree”…literally OUT. :wink:


Unless it’s a super trusty person. Don’t send money as a gift. Send it as payment for goods.


Again!! Amazing!