SOMEONE HELP!! trade problems - Jonah Slider/Yoyosareawesome53/Jonah6465

Agree 100% with TA, people should be extremely careful with trading, you do not have any of the protection offered by PayPal/credit cards/banks.

I don’t think I did my first trade until I had a number of buy/sell transactions under my belt and even then my first handful were with people I had already sold to/bought from so I had confidence that they were not only trustworthy but also reliable. I don’t want to get scammed but I also don’t want to deal with a child (figuratively speaking, I’d rather deal with a reliable teenager than an unreliable adult). I don’t need my mom to take me to the post office and I’m not going to “forget” to take your package to the post office, I will send it exactly when I said I would (if not sooner) and expect the other person to do the same. Now that I have a decent amount of feedback I don’t imagine I will ever be in a situation where I’m expected to send first (in fact I would think it was both insulting and suspicious and I’d likely back out of the trade) and I have no issue asking others to send first when I see fit. Sending “same time” when you actually have feedback to some guy who contacted you outside the forum would’ve been my ultimate red flag.

It appears that Yoyosareawesome53 is a fake account used to give himself positive feedback as well

^ As usual, some wise words from Oops.

I know its a rubbish situation, but you have to look at the actions you took and realise that you were taking a huge risk from the beginning. He with least feedback ships first, it’s a pretty standard rule of thumb so dealing with someone without even a YYE account and shipping “same time” was asking for trouble.

I agree with oops and Gambit. I wish “thank yous” were enabled in this thread. If someone with less feedback refuses to ship first, it is a good sign that they are up to no good. A scammer might communicate with 20 people before he/she finds someone trusting enough that they will not demand that the low feedback party ships first. Protect yourself at all times. These people are shopping for a free yo-yo opportunity, so you might be surprised at the effort they put forth to scam someone. If they try for a whole week, and finally find someone willing to ship “same time,” it’s a win for them.

Ok, but apparently we can’t be completely sure, because RayeMan refuses to answer any questions and does not update this.

Yoyosareawesome53/Jonah6465 are the same guy. When I confronted him on it he adamantly denied it though the evidence is irrefutable. I have IP logs showing he logged in as both accounts at virtually the same time, as well as notes from people who were working deals with Yoyosareawesome53. In both cases he gave them the name and address of Jonah Slider. He has used both accounts to give himself feedback.

I have been letting this ride for a couple of weeks as he has been promising to get his deals worked out. His self imposed deadline was today. He missed it and has not contacted anyone recently.;u=30082;u=2970

It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, unless you are directly involved in these deals or with the principals there’s little or no reason to post in these.