Do not trust yoyofanatic53 aka mike tomasetti (resolved)


Yes, he scammed me. We worked out a deal at the beginning of march. He was polite and through the trade there were no red flags other then him being very new to the forum. We work out the deal which was his skyy chaser, token, and loops 720’s for my 888x, f (x), and metal zero. I asked if he could ship first, but didn’t want to get scammed either so I asked if anyone can vouch for him and he said, jarred veratti from ten yoyo is a close friend of his and he could vouch. I was okay with this, and we agreed to ship same day. My life hit a little hard and I shipped late, and provided tracking, but yoyofanatic53 did not provide tracking which I asked him to do. If anyone knows him outside the forums or are close to Garnet valley pa, and can contact him in person. Please pm me with what you can find out do this is resolved.


Well first of all if he has 0 feedback you DO NOT not sent first. You should know this you have over 50 positive feedback that was a big mistake.


I actually did not ship first, we agreed to ship same day. I was okay with this because he was very polite and seemed trustworthy through the whole ordeal.


Agreeing to shipping the same say is essentially agreeing to shipping first.

The whole point of having a new member ship first is so you can receive and inspect the yoyos prior to shipping. Saying you are going to ship at the same time offers none of the security you’d receive if the new member shipped first.

Lesson learned.

You have a high trade count. Pass the offer if the other party is new and won’t ship.


That’s what they do scammers try and deceive you.


I’ve had pretty good luck doing reverse lookups on the address with the last name

you can normally find a family member to call or a house number and after calling they tend to send the throws back

Otherwise I’d send a letter addressed to mr and mrs yoyofanatic and see if they respond


With a 3rd party I felt safe with doing same day, and he even said he shipped prior to me being able to ship. But I’ll try the letter like sparhawk said, and work from there. It definitely was a lesson learned and I actually had the same thing where I had to pass a deal because they couldn’t ship first. Just with 50+ trades my trust was a little high in others.


The other party is supposed to have trust in you when you have a high trade count.

Not the other way around.

Did the person from ten yoyo tell you they vouched for him or did you take yoyofanatic53 at his word?


This was the email I received from jared

“Hey its jared mike’s friend. he told me you wanted verification on the yoyos he was trading you. i can ensure you that the token is mint and that the sky chaser has a slight vibe. the loops are a bit beaten up but still play perfectly fine. i hope the trading goes well”

This sounds like a vouch and I took it like so.


Did you contact Jared Veratti with this situation? If the email you received was indeed from him I’d think he would be the first step to resolution.


Yes I did contact him on the 14th without a reply


Well here is another red flag that I noticed. Jared’s email only has one r in his last name, Veratti is how it is in the email, and he spells it verratti.




This is a train wreck of bad information, and a good lesson learned on my part though.

I did contact the real jared on Facebook to see if he knows anything, but if not I’ll cut my losses.


I am 20 minutes from Garnet Valley. I’m here as a last resort.


Okay, thank you very very much it will be absolutely last resort. I sent another email to yoyofanatic with the email I was given. Hopefully he comes forward. If not it’s not like I lost anything large or special to me.


That’s pretty sly. If it does turn out that the email was faked, it would be wise to permanently ban him. Otherwise many other will fall for the same trick. Those with less feedback should ship first, especially when the receiver has double-digit positive feedback. If 50 people can’t persuade you to trust someone, then no one will.


Would it be acceptable to have his name in the subject incase he goes on other bsts?




Alright well thank you hopefully he comes up but im okay if he doesn’t.