Any experiences, stories, vouching, recent transactions, "stories , “rumors”, or anything you can offer that will ease my mind as I currently finished a deal with him regarding his YYF ricochet? I’m not sure why, but I was succumbed to his rather ridiculous terms which is : ship the same time. He has one feedback, but claims to have had an old account named “yocarte420” and deleted it. He also claims to have had been scammed twice before which is why he wants to ship the same time no matter how many feedback the trader has, which in my case 12 positive feedback.




You trading with him or sending him money?

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Edit: No longer necessary.



It’s a trade. I understand it must be hard not to develop trust issues from his past experiences but there are certain implied rules in trading, whether it’d be yoyos or other valuables. It’s really hard to just place my trust in somebody’s words alone.

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Yea Idk. I would back out.


Agreed. I wouldn’t do it unless he shipped first. Besides, his story could be bogus.


Agreed. Too much details always seems suspicious.


What? I was working out a deal with him for that same ricochet…


Wow. iYoyo, I guess your question has just been answered!

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well idk I offered on the ricochet and he said he was making a deal with someone else.


Well, initially he struck a deal with someone and he has cancelled it. It must be Apollo.

When did you PM him DeV1?


When in doubt…rule it out. There are tons of Richochets in circulation, so another one will come along.

But, you are correct, there are certain standards in trading. Now that you have 12 feedback, you should insist on the other party, who has far less feedback, shipping first. If not, then it is just fine to wait for the next deal. Another one will come along. :slight_smile:


k solved


Thanks for the advice everyone, everything has been resolved. He’s already given me the option to wait for his part before I ship. He’s a good guy and let’s close this thread with a positive vibe.


Also, the trade went perfectly. Case closed.