yoRyder not too honorable

Last Tuesday I initiated a trade with yoRyder. He claims in his BST that he will not ship first because he would never scam someone. That may be true, but I explained that is why we have the feedback system and I wouldn’t do the deal without him shipping first since my feedback is higher than his. He reluctantly agreed and we swapped addresses. He immediately pm’d me that he wouldn’tbe shipping next day, Wednesday, probably Thursday. Then Thursday night he pm’d me and said he’d ship Friday maybe, definitely Saturday. Well, since our deal was that I ship right after I received the tracking info from his shipment, I let him know that I’d be away Saturday and couldn’t ship. So I offered him the option to ship after this holiday weekend on Tuesday. By Saturday, no response from him. So I message him to see if he’s going to ship on Tuesday and his response is “yes, if I decide to do the trade, if not, my apologies.” I question whether he was ever going to ship. Could just be a teenager with an attitude problem

But folks, there are tons of posts from people who have agreed to “same day shipment” and never received anything. So if you want to take the risk, that’s on you. But my trade with yoRyder was definitely fishy, and not in the spirit of the community in that he purposely dragged it on. Take it for what it’s worth.

Sounds a bit shady. Good call not shipping until you get confirmation. How I see it is you shouldn’t have to specify that you won’t ship first because you’ll never scam someone. It’s pretty suspicious. Let us know how it turns out

Oh I called off the deal. I was trading for a Markmont Next and luckily a new run just dropped here at YYE. So I bought one and kept my throws.

considering the fact that I referenced my other feedback on another site where I have shipped and had shipped well over $1000 in yoyos, I find it a little ridiculous that you’d think I’d scam someone over a 54 and a battosai. if you never had any obligation to ship at a certain time, I don’t see an issue. I saw through email the message you sent concerning Tuesday shipping, and thought nothing of it. but you’re entitled to your opinions, and I’m just a teenager with an attitude problem.

NEVER said scam, scammed or scammer. I said fishy and not too honorable, which is true regarding our trade. And your whopping 8 feedback from another site plus your 1 from YYE is still less than half of my feedback on this site alone.

For some reason you feel your 9 feedback is so valuable and character defining while my feedback is not. You must earn the trust of other traders. You don’t demand it. And I’m glad you mentioned that you “thought nothing of” my messages to you. It shows that you intentionally ignored my communication and that you weren’t concerned when you planned to ship - thus, dragging the trade on because you were bitter about having to ship first. Most definitely sound like a teenager with an attitude problem to me. But time is on your side. Because according to science, you should grow up at some point.

by saying fishy you don’t think that implies to other people Im a scammer? and feedback should not generally be an a amount. once someone has proven honorable, trades should be conducted how they would like them to considering the other person’s agreement. you need to stop with this attitude problem, because I don’t have one. people tend to get mad when someone attempts to defemate their character publicly. I was the one who offered to give tracking beforehand, so obviously it wasn’t huge deal to me. I told you, it is for the SOLE reason of slight impatience. enjoy your markmont next.

Actually, no. Your pm stating “yes, if I decide to do the trade, if not, my apologies” is what is fishy. Not the fact that I’m relaying it here. We had already exchanged addresses and you were suggesting that you still might pull out of the trade. BTW, I took this situation to the moderators first before posting this thread. They told me to post here, so they agree that your actions were questionable. If you’re unhappy with that, take it up with them. This will be my last post on this ridiculous matter. ::slight_smile: