ok guys. i was gonna trade with this guy. he had negative feedback so i tryed to make him ship 1st. its been a month and i havent got nothin. he had no pics. and now he is ignoring all of my msgs. He also asked me to ship 1st but i didnt because i figured hes a scammer. Anyone who has traded or tryed to trade with this guy plz send me a msg and tell me wat he did to u.


Well, he does have some negative feedback on “this other forum”.

He’s included on the “people who you should not deal with” or something like that thread.

I bought a Hatrick from him in the past, and it took him like 3 weeks to ship it! Amazing!

Haha. He just takes a while to ship stuff. And he’s really busy.

So then he really didn’t scam you did he. You’re not out anything here.

i coud still tell he was trying to scam me. im just warning ppl about him. like vivo said. he also has feedback on other forums. Just dont deal wit him its not worth it.

why don’t you guys both ship to someone trust worthy, like a c3buddha, or mrcnja if they agree of course,

don’t worry, they NEVER betray you

yoyofoot he did a gree to ship 1st

And you haven’t sent anything, so you’re not out anything. All this shows so far is he either ships slow or has backed out of the deal.

This guy has been known to be a little Sketchy. this has been posted a few months ago. he was even banned from the other forum. Tried to take advantage of about 15 people over there. took a local guy to make a trip to his house and speak with his parents. and literally drive him to the post office and help package and ship them. after that he has other bad dealings and had them ban him.

I would absouletly move on if you had yet to lose anything it’s not worth it.