LCW11635 is a scammer do not trade with him! He offered me a beat C13 and and SPYY Stryker for my mint MVP and he never shipped. I shipped first because he told me that the negetive feedback was false. I should have messaged the other person and got the other side. Anyways he claims to have shipped weeks ago but when I asked for proof like a receipt from the post office he never responded. Let this be a lesson to all to make sure any one with even one negative feedback ships first. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Correct. The feedback system is in place for a reason. Don’t let someone talk you into shipping first if they have less feedback or negative feedback. If they won’t go through with the trade, then don’t go through with the trade.

People work hard to build their reputation and their feedback rating. Don’t be afraid to use that as leverage.

Holy crap! I get offline for a week and come back to see this!? I told you!!! I shipped last month! You didnt ask for tracking so i didnt give a number and neither did you! And i tried being nice by giving you possitive feedback when your mvp had a scratch when recieved. I didnt scam you! I have to delete my account now thanks to you! Im not a scammerrrrr!!!

I did ship with tracking and sent the tracking number to your phone. I still have the mesage so I know I sent it. Also you never left me feedback so you can’t say you were nice to me

I have more proof that LCW11638 is a scammer. He just made a new bst thread and he has both my mvp and the spyy stryker he said he would trade me.
This is the picture of the stryker he sent me:
This is the picture from his bst:

As you can see the splash is the same so he never shipped it.

Yeah, right.

So, if you shipped last month - why does this guy not have the yoyo?
If you are not a scammer - why is the same Stryker for sale?
Why are you selling an MVP when you just traded to get one?

Totally weak…

Finally some good news. He said he would ship the stryker and a raptor and fhz to replace the C13. So I guess he is sorry.

Don’t declare him as innocent until you receive the package. I’ve heard cases where fake tracking numbers were given.

Oh im not saying that he didn’t wrong me, im saying that he is making up for it.

I wouldn’t be TOO sure about that . . .

Maybe im too forgiving I won’t know untill his box arrives at my door.

The only accepted proof will be when the items arrive in your mailbox.

So just another update since LCW11635 doesn’t seem to respond to txt or pm, its been a week since he promised me the stryker, fhz, and raptor and I haven’t gotten any package our tracking number. So in my book LCW11635 is still a scammer and not innocent.