A small problem with SuperSnSProductions

Okay a little back story.

We agreed to trade my NIB Metropolis, and ILYY Fury for his CLYW Sasquatch.

Since i have 3 feedback, and he has 26, I offered and had zero problems with shipping first. I shipped on 2/6/13.

So he was not on for two days. On 2/8/13 he messaged me saying that he was preparing for Snowstorm Nemo. I can understand, since he is from RI, and they got hit with 2 Ft + of snow.

It is now 2/12/13. I messaged him a few times waiting for him to come back on. The last time he was on was 2/9/13, when he messaged me about this issue.

I tracked the package I sent and noticed it was delivered on 2/8/13. I am not nervous that he is going to scam me yet, just putting this out their as an issue if anybody has his contact number to call or more information on him personally because I noticed that he is in the RI club.

I will update when something else happens. I am very patient about emergencies, and understand completely, just curious on what is happening since the storm has been over for 3 days and he has not been on since. Thanks for all the help!

I traded with him before, he’s true to his word as far as I know. The snow caused everything in the Northeast area of the country to be slower, so I’d give it another week at least.

Yeah. I’m involved in a trade with him too, and the storm has messed that area up good. He’s got good feedback, so I doubt there’s anything shady going on. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

Dude, just chill it’s all probably from the snowstorm so mailing is a going to slow that’s all. By far it’s probably not a scam I mean he has 26 feedback why worry so much?

I have done 2 trades with him. Amazing businees and trade everytime

I am “chill”. I just wanted to know if he is okay, since he had not been on in a few days. Also if somebody has a contact number to get a hold of him.

I got hit by Hurricane or rather “superstorm” Sandy. I have not lived in my house since it happened but I continue to powder coat.

Why am I mentioning this?

I have no idea…

I’m very sorry to everyone that has made a deal with me recently, I didn’t think the blizzard would be this bad. Then once that lifted I was smacked in the face with work and schoolwork. I [I] AM [I/] shipping tomorrow. I’d hate to think I’m giving anyone shady impressions of me or disatisfying anyone. Please at any discretion of our trades give me neutral or even negative feedback. Once again I’m terribly sorry and all of your trades will be shipped tomorrow afternoon priority with tracking.

Even though we never actually did a deal and only talked about a few items the impression I had from the communication would have me doing a deal without a second thought.

Thank you.
Thank everyone kind enough to back me up feedback-wise. I’d also like to point out TTTYo was simply concerned because ofy lack of communication. He was in no way trying to hint at anything, assuming anyone had that impression.

Well, it seems all the time and benefit that was given to Sean was misplaced. He did manage to finally send his end of our trade - nearly 2 weeks after our agreed upon shipping date. Storm or no storm, that’s really slow shipping. But when I received the yoyos, the Oxygene Io did not have the KK bearing. It had been replaced with a flat bearing. I pm’d him to send me the KK and I would send him the flat bearing back. That was 2 MORE weeks ago and nothing. Numerous pms were finally answered with “I have a job” (so do I) and “I’ll send it when things calm down” (whatever that means).

Sean shouldn’t be doing trades if he’s so “busy”. Clearly his deals are secondary to life right now. I just wish he would speak up and be honest rather than ignoring me. That’s not the right way to deal with your responsibilities.
I had to change my feedback to negative. He obviously doesn’t care anyway.

I am extremely close friends with Sean

Honestly, right now, he’s working 2 jobs
Is a full time student
And has family issues.

He hasn’t had a day off for a WHILE now
He has almost no time to do anything.
Yes, he has said to me
That he’s going to finish up these trades
Then just drop out of trading.

Lately he’s been just emotionally, and physically exhausted
And honestly, negative feedback bc of a bearing and slow shipping?

I think that’s ridiculous. Completely and UTTERLY ridiculous.

aznnboyaZ , I was very direct with Sean. He said we would do something - twice. He didn’t do the first thing for 2 weeks after he said he would do it next day. He didn’t do the second thing at all. THAT’s why I gave negative feedback. This has nothing to do with the object in question. All Sean had to do was communicate with me, but instead he chose to ignore me. If trading is that taxing, he should have said so from the beginning. I’m not an unreasonable guy even if you want to paint me as one. I’ve NEVER given negative feedback to anyone. Only now, to someone who blatantly ignored my messages, gave me some vague point in time when he would get to it, and left me no alternative but to express my feelings about the trade in a negative manner. I hope this kind of thing never happens to you.

Still you recieved the yoyos. Be thankful you even got.a bearing. Ive been promised ceramics and got no bearing. Ive been scammed and received nothing twice. He didnt deserve negative feedback

So when does someone deserve negative feedback? Like there is a clear line to be drawn…
Just kids with hurt feelings.

Whatever. I’m not out to kill the guy’s reputation. I’ll have the feedback removed, and then anyone who has a job, or is really busy, or is having problems can continue to make trading even less desirable.


I was the one that posted this thread. My experience was that he is a very friendly guy.

Being “busy” does not make it okay to not communicate.

When I received my throw, it had 2 dings and a few scuffs instead of just 2 flag spots. The bubble wrap came off the throw in the package because the box was a lot bigger. I did not give feedback yet just because I took a little break from the forum.

If I remember correctly, I traded with mike eff. [I can’t check because I am using mobile] I do remember talking to him an be is very quick and a awesome guy to deal with.

At the end if the day, poor communication deserves a negative feedback.

It’s opinion based. If you feel like it is a reason not to trade with someone you won’t. If it does not bother you then trade after inquiring about someone’s feedback. It is more of a warning system. It is here to protect you from sending someone a properly represented item and not getting the same in return. If I know someone is picky about these things I trust their feedback differently than Randomforumuser9905 saying “no shipping good”. I have traded with some who have not been outright with descriptions, I have been mislead and even scammed. I check the feedback and proceed accordingly. I want to trade with some members but as a result of “difficulty” I can’t bring myself to. Most of the time there is a clue of them being this way in the feedback. Thanks to those you leave accurate feedback it is the one place we NEED to police each other. I know a lot of my traders have gotten a PM about how I feel it could have gone smoother and I still left positive feedback. I have hope (be it slim) in humanity and this community.

Sorry for being lengthy.

What a silly post. Because I got partly what I wanted, and because I wasn’t completely scammed like you, I should be thankful. You’ve got to be kidding.

I changed my feedback to neutral. This story is over.

Thank you.

I feel you should leave the feedback that you expressed in the pm. The positive feedback doesn’t help the rest of us. Sean may have been an excellent trader in the past, but he handled our deal very poorly by ignoring me for weeks. Positive feedback here would be wrong.

If someone does not ship when they stated they would, then does not communicate for weeks, then communicates to apologize and finally sends the items promised extremely late, then the item is not as described when it arrives, then fails to communicate again and ignores any efforts to resolve the matter…a negative feedback would be justified.

Exactly 100% correct.